Captain Marvel Replaces DeWanda Wise With Lashana Lynch

Lashana Lynch is all but set to join the cast of Captain Marvel. Brie Larson will be headlining Marvel Studios' first female superhero-led installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it arrives next year. She's been teamed up with directing duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to bring Carol Danvers to the big screen for the very first time. The movie comes in the wake of Wonder Woman blowing past expectations, further signaling a desire to to see greater female representation in film.

Larson was previously set to be joined by She's Gotta Have It star DeWanda Wise in an unspecified major role. Unforuntately, it was recently revealed that Wise had to leave the project in order to film the second season of the aforementioned Netflix TV show. The news came as a surprise to fans this week, but was something that Marvel clearly knew about well ahead of that report breaking.

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Case in point, THR is now reporting that Marvel's already found Wise's replacement and is actively closing a deal with them. They are said to be in final negotiations with Lashana Lynch to play the same role, which is still unknown. Lynch most recently starred in ABC's period-piece drama Still Star-Crossed. The series only ran for seven episodes before being cancelled, thus leaving Lynch's schedule open for this role.

What is clear with the hiring of Lynch is Marvel wasn't looking for a major star to fill this role. Wise is a rising talent and leading her own Netflix series, while Lynch has primarily spent time on the small screen too. That could ultimately be an indication that this role isn't as big as previously expected (many speculated this could be Monica Rambeau). The other side to this is that Marvel looked at actresses they could turn into stars, instead of relying on a known name to help further sell the film.

It's possible that we will find out who Lynch is playing in Captain Marvel within a matter of weeks. Regardless of her role, she's joining an impressive cast. Larson is the Oscar-winner leading the charge, but the supporting cast also includes Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gemma Chan. The addition of Lynch further bolsters the cast, and likely isn't the last name to be added. There's still supposedly a few major Skrull characters left to be found, as well as possibly Rick Jones. Plus, the cast list could be fleshed out with familiar MCU faces - such as a young Everett Ross. Additional casting announcements should be arriving soon for that reason, but at least Marvel was quick to fill the hole left by Wise's departure.

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Source: THR

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