Captain Marvel Movie Details Hint at Lashana Lynch's Character

New details on who DeWanda Wise was set to play in Captain Marvel may offer a hint as to who Lashana Lynch will be playing. Production is officially underway on Brie Larson's first solo Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Set videos and photos have already surfaced of her in the green suit, the same one that sparked plenty of debate earlier in the year. The start of production comes just days after Captain Marvel's cast received a major change as Lynch stepped into the role Wise was previously set for.

Wise departed Captain Marvel due to scheduling conflicts with her Netflix series She's Gotta Have It. Even though she was cast at the start of this year, there weren't any reports about who she was set to play. While the obvious choice amongst fans was that Marvel found their Monica Rambeau, new details about her role may hint otherwise, and give us an idea of who Lynch could be playing now.

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That Hashtag Show shared the first details of who Wise was set to play, and thus who Lynch is expected to play. They described her as "the mother of a young child who would be a 'contemporary' of Carol Danvers." Unfortunately, they were never told that Wise was going to play Monica Rambeau, so this could mean Lynch won't be either. Making matters even more interesting, though, their report does say that Wise was actually Marvel's second choice, and that the first choice looks nearly identical to Rambeau.

Considering how late in the game Lynch joined to replace Wise, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck certainly aren't going to change the character now. So, if Lynch too is playing this contemporary mother character, there's a few options. That Hashtag Show suggests someone like Salia Petrie, a fellow astronaut and friend of Carol Danvers in the comics, could fit the bill. But, Marvel Studios could also look to more recent comics and use Marina Renner, whose daughter Kit is one of Captain Marvel's biggest fans. That said, it could also be a new character for the film, and it doesn't specify that she's human so she may be a Kree or Skrull.

There's still always the possibility that this role is Rambeau, but it'd mean they're making some changes to her character. Monica doesn't have any children in the comics. Plus, including her in a movie set in the 90s could add complications in keeping her around (and young) in future films. If Monica was at one point considered to be a character in the movie, her potential absence here only means there's another chance for her to be introduced in the future. It also means that whoever the mysterious first choice was for this character could circle back to the role in a few years. However it plays out, hopefully Lynch is able to make the role her own, Rambeau or not.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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