Captain Marvel: The Kree In The Movie Vs Comics

Captain Marvel Poster Starforce

With the release of Captain Marvel, the MCU has expanded even further. The origin story helped to introduce exciting new elements into the universe as well as shed light on some already existing elements. One of the biggest aspects that was expanded for this film was the Kree.

The Kree are an alien race who were first introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy with villain Ronan. Captain Marvel further explores their race and their history in the universe. However, like all comic book adaptations, they tend to differ somewhat from the original source material. Here are the biggest differences between the Kree in Captain Marvel versus the comics.

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10 Their Beginnings

With Captain Marvel focusing on the origins of how Carol Danvers became the intergalactic hero, there really wasn’t time to explore the long history of the Kree. Their beginnings go back a long way and are too complicated to fit in as a side-story in this film.

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One interesting element to their origins, however, is how they are linked to their sworn enemies, the Skrull. Centuries ago, the advanced Skrull experimented with the primitive Kree by giving them technology and seeing what they could create. Eventually, the Kree overthrew the Skrull and began building an advanced society of their own.

9 Yon-Rogg

In Captain Marvel, Jude Law plays Kree warrior Yon-Rogg, a fact that was kept quiet until just before the release of the film. An obvious explanation for all the secrecy was that Yon-Rogg’s comic book history would have ruined the character twist in the third act.

As is shown in the film, Yon-Rogg is a villain who has a long history with Captain Marvel. However, his villainy began with the original, Mar-Vell. Despite being on the same team, Yon-Rogg tried to have Mar-Vell killed several times because he was in love with Mar-Vell’s girlfriend. Luckily, the movie made the character a lot more interesting.

8 Minn-Erva

Starforce is the intergalactic Kree special forces squad of which Carol is a member. While many of the Starforce members are taken from the comics, they are changed quite a bit for the film.

Minn-Evra, played by Gemma Chan, is the team’s sniper who seems to have a contentious relationship with Carol. In the comics, Minn-Evra is a Kree geneticist responsible for unleashing all sorts of deadly creatures on Earth. Her dislike of Carol, however, is something that is very true to the comics. With the two being frequent enemies, perhaps Minn-Evra survived to appear in the sequel.

7 Starforce

Despite the silly name, Starforce proved to be a large part of the Captain Marvel movie. The group begins as Carol’s allies before she has to battle them by the end. Starforce does indeed have a history in the comics, though slightly different.

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The group is a Kree secret operations team that was put together by the Supreme Intelligence. However, instead of being tasked with covert missions to battle their Skrull enemies, Starforce was meant to be a response to The Avengers. While Minn-Evra, Korath and Att-Lass are all members in the comics, some missing members include Supremor, Ultimus, and Ronan the Accuser himself.

6 Their Evolutionary Problems

Captain Marvel - Bron-Char and Minn-Erva

After their early primitive years, the Kree eventually developed into an advanced empire of their own. They mastered technology, could travel through the galaxy and they could wage war. However, one thing the Kree could never do was evolve.

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The Kree species was cursed with an unusual defect that meant their species was stuck in their evolutionary progress. Throughout the years, the Supreme Intelligence tried many ways to get their evolution back on track, often resulting in catastrophe. It’s an unusual aspect of the Kree, but one that might play a part later in the MCU.

5 Ronan

Ronan was the MCU’s introduction to the Kree Empire through his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. While there was some excitement about the character returning for Captain Marvel, it was sadly little more than a cameo.

Though he hasn’t been one of the most popular villains in the MCU, the character of Ronan has a lot of potential that hasn’t been explored in the films. His title of “Accuser” basically means he is a Kree version of Judge Dredd, passing judgment across the universe. Ronan is also a rogue among the Kree, attempting to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence several times.

4 Korath

Another Kree villain previously seen in Guardians of the Galaxy is Korath the Pursuer, played by Djimon Hounsou. In the previous film, he was seen as one of Ronan’s henchmen. Here, he was one of the Starforce members.

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Korath is given little in the way of character in the films and doesn’t seem to much resemble his comic book counterpart. Firstly, he looks nothing like the comic design which features red armor similar to Ronan’s. Korath also possess the ability to track individuals by reading their brain patterns. That probably would have come in handy in this film.

3 Supreme Intelligence

Annette Bening in Captain Marvel

The Kree Empire is overseen by an all-knowing entity called The Supreme Intelligence. This mysterious being is made up of the collective intelligence of the greatest minds in the Kree Empire.

The movie explains that the appearance of the Supreme Intelligence is different in everyone’s eyes, taking the form of someone they admire most. In Carol’s case, it is the form of Annette Benning’s mysterious character.

In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence is much less appealing to look at. It is a grotesque floating head with large tentacles. It could have been an interesting character design, but the film’s presentation of the character is more interesting.

2 Their Near Extinction

In the MCU, the Kree have largely been seen as unfriendly. But in the comics, the Kree have had a long history of tragedy that might explain why they are so hostile.

While they were once an enormous race, the Kree saw almost their entire species wiped out at one point. In one of their attempts to jump-start their evolution, the Supreme Intelligence set in motion events that would lead to the death of most of the Kree. The remaining Kree would then be forced to evolve or go extinct. This devastating history would be something worth exploring in the films.

1 Mar-Vell

As most comic book fans will know, Carol Danvers is not the first Captain Marvel. That title is given to a Kree warrior known as Mar-Vell. While Annette Benning is revealed to be Mar-Vell in the film, the character is very different to the comic book version.

The comic book take on Mar-Vell is a male Kree who was sent to Earth to monitor it before coming to sympathize for the humans on the planet. His attempts to protect the people of Earth does get him labeled a Kree traitor. But instead of being killed by Yon-Rogg, Mar-Vell eventually dies from cancer after passing his powers on to Carol.

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