Captain Marvel Kills Thanos On Avengers 4 Fan Poster

Sporting the Infinity Gauntlet, Brie Larson's Captain Marvel defeats Thanos in just one punch in a brand new fan-created poster for Avengers 4.

Captain Marvel kills Thanos in just one punch in a brand new Avengers 4 fan poster. Avengers: Infinity War left the universe in a dire state, with half of life perishing following the Mad Titan's deadly snap. Marvel Studios has been delaying dealing with the ramifications of the galactic genocide until next year's still-untitled film, with all films and TV shows within the MCU set before the events of Avengers 3. And with people involved in the ensemble blockbuster remaining mum about the project, fans are finding ways to while time away, including coming up with possible scenarios that might go down in the Phase 3 capper. This latest one imagines Captain Marvel defeating Thanos.

Before joining the bigger MCU in Avengers 4, Brie Larson will debut as Carol Danvers in her own origin story, Captain Marvel, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Not much is known regarding specific story details, but the film will be set in the 90s, and sees Carol Danvers take on the Skrulls. The movie's historical setting allows Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury, Clark Gregg's Phil Coulson, and Lee Pace's Ronin the Accuser to all appear, while the Quantum Realm is also expected to play a factor in the narrative.

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Coming from digital artist ultraraw26 on Instagram is another mock poster for Avengers 4, featuring Thanos and Captain Marvel. In the illustration, Carol punches through the Mad Titan's chest, with the Infinity Gauntlet complete with all six Infinity Stones on her other hand. It paints a pretty epic picture, although fans will have to wait several more months to see if there's anything close to this that comes to fruition in the highly anticipated blockbuster. In the meantime, check out the image below:

With Captain Marvel expected to be the most powerful hero in the MCU, it's not outside the realm of possibility that she goes one-on-one with the Mad Titan. Josh Brolin actually let it slip that he filmed scenes opposite Larson, but didn't elaborate on just what those scenes will be about. Regardless, that in itself lends credence to the idea of the above fan art, implying that at one point in Avengers 4, the Mad Titan and Captain Marvel will battle it out. The question is whether it'll actually be Carol that ends the villain's reign of terror.

Again, the concept is entirely possible considering Captain Marvel's supposed power level. Even Thor had a good shot at defeating Thanos, and had he aimed for the head, Thanos wouldn't have been able to execute the deadly snap. Not that the Mad Titan isn't strong of course, as he beat the Hulk easily at the start of Infinity War, even without the full Infinity Gauntlet. Still, it'll be interesting to see if Danvers is the one to ultimately defeat Thanos in Avengers 4. The post-credit scene of Avengers 3 definitely set her up as the universe's last hope, given that the Earth's Mightiest Heroes - even with the help of their allies - failed to prevent Thanos' galactic mass murder.

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Source: ultraraw26/Instagram

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