Captain Marvel Tie-In Book Finally Confirms Jude Law's Character

Jude Law as Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel

An official tie-in book for Captain Marvel has finally confirmed the identity of Jude Law's mysterious Starforce Commander - Yon Rogg. When Law was cast in Captain Marvel, there were reports that he was playing the classic Marvel superhero Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers' inspiration in Marvel Comics. But that quickly became suspect.

Shortly after he was cast, Law went to great efforts to avoid naming his character, mostly be deflecting and changing the subject. And when Marvel began the marketing push for Captain Marvel, they were noticeably reticent on this point as well. Speculation grew that Law's mysterious Starforce Commander was actually Yon-Rogg, one of Captain Marvel's most memorable villains. The evidence has been building for this theory for some time, supported by Hasbro's official Marvel Legends merchandise. And now, they've confirmed his identity.

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Marvel has just published an official tie-in novel for Captain Marvel, titled Starforce on the Rise, by Steve Behling. This book introduces readers to the Kree Starforce, and gives a sense of the relationship between the Starforce's different members. It confirms that the Commander is indeed Yon-Rogg, not Mar-Vell. Yon-Rogg appears to be one of the Kree's most senior military commanders, working with the Supreme Intelligence on its most secret plans. Starforce seems to be his pet project, a relatively new elite strike-team who have swiftly become legends across the Kree Empire. The warrior known as Vers - in reality, Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel - is the newest recruit, and Yon-Rogg considers her to be their most powerful member.

But why has Marvel been so secretive about Law's character, Yon-Rogg? It's probably because the marketing for Captain Marvel suggests that the Kree are the heroes, and the Skrulls are the villains. In reality, with Yon-Rogg as Starforce Commander, the ranks of Starforce consist of comic book villains. Yon-Rogg is the most famous, but Korath, Att-Lass, Bron-Char and Minn-Erva are all known enemies of Captain Marvel, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers. That clearly suggests the Kree aren't the "noble warrior heroes" Carol Danvers believes them to be. Presumably this is supposed to be something of a surprise twist in the film, but Marvel knew that anyone familiar with the comics would recognize the name "Yon-Rogg" and work it out.

Given all this secrecy, it is a little strange that Marvel has published a tie-in novel blowing the lid on one of the greatest mysteries in the film's marketing, even though producer Jonathan Schwartz already confirmed Yon-Rogg is in Captain Marvel. At the same time, though, it was becoming impossible to keep this going any longer anyway. Official tie-in merchandise had already named Jude Law's character as Yon-Rogg, so frankly all anybody was waiting for was official confirmation.

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