Captain Marvel Official Site Confirms Jude Law Is Playing Mar-Vell [Updated]

Jude Law in Captain Marvel

UPDATE: Disney has since removed the name "Mar-Vell" from Jude Law's character description.


Jude Law has officially been confirmed to be playing the character Mar-Vell in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Captain Marvel will be the 21st overall movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but will also be the first live-action movie to include the character Carol Danvers, who will be portrayed by Brie Larson. The film will also star Samuel L. Jackson, Gemma Chan, Lee Pace, Ben Mendelsohn, and of course Law.

Ever since Law was cast in Captain Marvel there has been a lot of mystery about who exactly he is playing. It was widely believed that Law was playing the character Mar-Vell, a popular superhero who debuted during the Silver Age of comic books. Law has kept quiet about his role, neither confirming nor denying rumors about who he is playing. There was also a popular theory that Law was actually playing Yon-Rogg, which concept art for the upcoming line of Funko Pops had hinted at, but now it seems that Law has officially been announced as playing Mar-Vell.

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According to the official Disney website, Law will be playing the popular character Mar-Vell in the upcoming entry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the Captain Marvel portion of their website, the second trailer for Captain Marvel, a synopsis, and eight images can be seen, which confirm who is playing who in the movie. The images come with captions that list the actors and their roles in the movie, and the second image says, "Jude Law as Mar-Vell, the leader of Starforce." Check out a screenshot of the image and caption below.

Captain Marvel Jude Law Mar-Vell Confirmed

Despite the film taking place in 1995 and being an origin story for Carol Danvers, and apparently Nick FuryCaptain Marvel will have a big connection to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Larson will be returning to her superhero role for Avengers: Endgame, where it is widely believed that she will be the key to defeating Thanos once and for all. While Larson will be returning for future MCU movies, it is unknown whether Law will return to the character Mar-Vell after this movie.

While having confirmation that Law will play Mar-Vell may not at first seem like a big deal, it actually really is. If Law would have been playing Yon-Rogg, it could have drastically altered the storyline of Captain Marvel since Yon-Rogg is often seen as the arch-enemy of Mar-Vell. Casting Law as Mar-Vell not only confirms that Captain Marvel will have a powerful ally at her side, but also seems to confirm that the film will focus on Ronan the Accuser as the main enemy. More updates on this subject are sure to come in the recent months as the release date of Captain Marvel inches closer.

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