Jude Law Gives Best Tease Of His Captain Marvel Character Yet

Jude Law in Captain Marvel

Jude Law's Captain Marvel character remains a closely guarded secret, but in an interview from set visits he's given his most insightful comments to date. When Law was originally cast for Captain Marvel, he was reported to be playing Mar-Vell, the Kree soldier who inspired Carol Danvers to become a superhero. Curiously, however, Marvel Studios has refused to confirm this; they've allowed a real air of mystery to build around the character, leading to speculation that he's actually a Kree villain from the comics named Yon-Rogg.

The evidence is building that this theory is correct, with official merchandise - including a recent Marvel Legends action figure - naming Law's Starforce commander as Yon-Rogg. Whatever the Kree leader's name may be, though, his relationship with Captain Marvel is becoming clear. He appears to be both a mentor and an antagonistic figure, attempting to keep Carol Danvers in her place.

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Speaking to Screen Rant as part of a recent set visit, Jude Law gave some interesting insights into how he's choosing to portray this character. He focused in on his relationship with the Kree's greatest leader, the Supreme Intelligence.

"My character has a very particular relationship with the Supreme Intelligence which becomes revealed and is quite complex and ultimately very revealing of what it is that motivates him. I've kind of based him almost on... not a religious fanatic but he's got a sort of Divine sense of purpose because of his relationship with this greater being."

Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser in Captain Marvel

It's a fascinating comment, suggesting that the relationship with the Supreme Intelligence is at the core of Law's character. Law seems to be implying that the Kree are almost a theocratic society, with the Supreme Intelligence - the guiding force of Kree civilization - akin to their God. If that's the case, then Law's character is a prophet, defined by his relationship with the Supreme Intelligence, burning with a conviction that everything he does is right.

In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence is a sort of artificial intelligence. When the Kree's greatest leaders and scientists are about to die, their minds are uploaded into this collective AI, and they become a part of it. The Supreme Intelligence is usually portrayed as ruthless, egotistical, and most definitely antagonistic; it's not above inciting galactic wars in order to achieve its ends. If Law is indeed a man who burns with reverence for the Supreme Intelligence, and thus serves its purpose, then it's most definitely an indicator that his character is a villain and not a hero.

Interestingly, this quote hints that the ongoing debate over Law's character's name may be something of a distraction. The reality is Law's comments suggest that, whatever his character may be called, he's been subtly rewritten. Although Mar-Vell was initially loyal to the Kree, he was defined by his willingness to question the Supreme Intelligence, and ultimately betrayed the Kree in order to defend humanity. Yon-Rogg, in contrast, has indeed always believed in Kree superiority - but more as an excuse for believing in his own self-importance. In fact, in the comics Yon-Rogg even betrayed the Supreme Intelligence, attempting to overthrow its rule. So whoever Law may be playing, it's probably wise not to expect the comics to set a strong precedent for the portrayal.

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