Rumor: Captain Marvel Will Be A Bigger Game Changer Than Infinity War

A new rumor about Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel claims it will be a bigger superhero movie game changer than Avengers: Infinity War and Warner Bros' Wonder Woman. It's safe to say superhero films have seen an unprecedented level of success in Hollywood over the last few years. From the universe-uniting Avengers: Infinity War to offerings like Wonder Woman and Black Panther that brought much-needed gender and racial diversity to mainstream superhero movies, studios have pushed the boundaries on what defines comic book films.

And, in the case of many expectation-defying comic book films - not only those above, but Deadpool, Logan, and Thor: Ragnarok, as well - they've been financially and critically successful. These successes may guarantee filmmakers and studios will take even bigger risks with their superhero universes, like Marvel Studios' upcoming Phase 3 capper Avengers 4, which will act as an ending for the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. However, it turns out a different Marvel movie may be even more of a game changer.

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ScreenGeek is reporting one of their sources offered new insight about what fans can expect from Captain Marvel, the '90s-set superhero film introducing Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) to the MCU. Though the report doesn't reveal any plot details, it does tease massive implications not only for the Marvel franchise but superhero movies as a whole. However, the report does come from ScreenGeek's unidentified source and, as a result, should be taken with a major grain of salt. Read it below:

Though Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War were all different and original movies, nothing is going to be as different and original as Captain Marvel. The upcoming movie from Anna Bolden and Ryan Fleck is going to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe and give us something no one has seen before – and something that no fan is expecting.

Wonder Woman was obviously considered a very important movie for women, but Captain Marvel is going to blow it away. It will completely redefine superhero movies – similar to how Marvel Studios changed everything back in 2008. If you thought Infinity War was a game-changer, you’re not ready for what’s coming in Captain Marvel.

It's likely the report is referring to the Kree-Skrull War, which Captain Marvel is confirmed to be adapting from the comics. Additionally, since Skrulls are a race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters, fans have speculated known MCU characters could be revealed to be Skrulls in disguise. Certainly, since the Kree-Skrull War will occur prior to the MCU proper - which kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man - it has the potential to completely change the way fans view the sprawling superhero universe.

With that said, the comparison to Infinity War will likely be what most piques the interest of fans. The cliffhanger ending of Avengers: Infinity War left many fans reeling, or, at the very least, surprised by directors Anthony and Joe Russo's bold choice. It's an ending that many would agree paves the way for a wholly new story to be told in Avengers 4. As such, Captain Marvel potentially offering an even more game changing twist on the MCU is interesting to say the least. Though we still don't know quite what the twist will be.

As for Captain Marvel working to redefine superhero movies, it's no secret the film will be Marvel Studios' first MCU entry with a female superhero headlining a solo outing (the first female superhero to co-lead will be the Wasp in this summer's Ant-Man and the Wasp). Still, Wonder Woman became the most successful female-led superhero film, and it was directed by Patty Jenkins, who tripled her salary for the sequel to become Hollywood's highest paid female director. It's difficult to see how Captain Marvel could "blow away" those milestones. Though, of course, Wonder Woman did receive criticism for certain aspects, including its portrayal of women of color, so there are undoubtedly ways Captain Marvel could be an improvement.

Whether this rumor proves to be true remains to be seen, but fans who are eagerly anticipating Captain Marvel's introduction to the MCU may be glad to hear it could be a massive game changer. Though, of course, with this rumor building up hype, Captain Marvel will need to meet or exceed those expectations.

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Source: ScreenGeek

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