Captain Marvel Just Watched The WORLD Turn Against Her

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Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel #8

Captain Marvel is quickly becoming the world's most hated hero in Marvel's Universe, and it's seriously starting to kill her spirit. Knowing that she isn't wanted by humanity has her looking for a change, and now that Carol has been offered a new life, she just might take it---and leave Earth behind forever.

Things haven't been easy for Carol Danvers of late, now that the world knows her mother is a Kree Warrior, making Carol half human/half Kree. After fearing that her secret getting out might turn the world against Captain Marvel, Issue #8 is when her approval truly starts to plummet. After learning of her heritage, people are lining up to attack Carol wherever she goes. Citizens throw tomatoes, form picket lines with signs calling her "Liar," "Alien," and "Traitor," with chants demanding she be "sent home." Now even the Air Force is turning their back, all because of her half-Kree heritage. So if humans have suddenly forgotten how much Carol has helped, is it time for her to stop saving the planet?

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All things considered, it's hard to think of a reason Carol would stick around. But things might be turning around for Carol, as she has just discovered where she actually is wanted. Humans may be her people, but she's now just as much a member of the Kree civilization, as well. With an offer extended to her by Minn-Erva (now an MCU star), a Kree scientist and spy, Carol might be forced to choose a new destiny away from planet Earth.

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Minn-Erva brings Carol with an offer to leave Earth behind, and join the Kree instead. Carol and Minn-Erva haven't exactly been friendly in the past, but the Kree starts the conversation with the last argument Carol probably never expected to hear from her. Claiming that "they're not worth it Carol. Leave them behind. They don't deserve you," Minn-Erva requests help in saving her people--her other people. By embracing Carol as a Kree when her human side is actively shunning her, Carol accepts the deal. Admitting that trusting Minn-Erva has never led anywhere good, Carol doesn't see many other options: if Earth won't let her be their hero anymore, maybe it's time to become something else.

Will Carol regret trusting Minn-Erva, or is the Kree warrior's invitation as genuine as it seems? And will Carol Danvers leave Earth and its people behind for good? Find out as the "Captain Marvel: Rising Star" story line continues in the next issue.

Captain Marvel #8 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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