Captain Marvel's Goose the Cat Answers Fan Questions in Adorable Video

Captain Marvel's Goose the cat pawing

An adorable video features Goose the cat actor Reggie answering questions from fans about Captain Marvel. The feline performer played Goose in the superhero origin story (called Chewie in the comics, but renamed for the film as part of its recurring Top Gun motif), and was a huge hit with audiences, quickly becoming one of the film’s most popular characters and outshining his human co-stars, with videos spotlighting him and fan posters replacing the heads of major characters with kitty faces.

Goose first appears in Captain Marvel when Carol Danvers and Nick Fury investigate Project Pegasus, and was introduced as the pet cat of Dr Wendy Lawson, Carol’s former boss and the designer of the experimental jet engine presumed to have killed her six years previously. It’s later revealed that Skrull leader Talos’ claims were correct that Goose is actually a Flerken, a ferocious race of alien creatures that appear identical to Earth house cats, but have hidden Lovecraftian maws of fangs and tentacles that contain pocket dimensions, in which Goose swallows the Tesseract and keeps it out of the hands of Starforce.

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Posted on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel, the Q&A video see Reggie displaying the regal nonchalance typical of any cat who wants to be taken seriously by his inferiors, while his introspective licking is interrupted by foolish human questions from Twitter asking things like his favorite scene from the film, his favorite Marvel hero (go on, guess), and whether Goose could defeat Thanos. Watch his answers below, interspersed with periodic mewing.

Although Goose was portrayed by four different cats throughout Captain Marvel at the points where he wasn’t inserted via CGI, Reggie was the one featured most prominently, being a general all-rounder as a performer. The others were brought in for more specialized requirements, such as requiring to be held and carried, nuzzling into someone, or acting more rambunctious in the scene where Fury’s eye is scratched and blinded.

If nothing else, the video confirms the ongoing popularity of Goose, having racked up over 94,000 views in the few days it’s been available, with that total still steadily rising. The tally outstrips what most videos on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel generally receive when they aren’t related to upcoming major releases, recently including the likes of their Spider-Man: Far From Home interviews featuring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal and Samuel L Jackson, and trailers for episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s the most popular of the channel’s non-trailer Captain Marvel uploads, one of which was even a review spot themed around Goose. An alternative possibility for the viewership total is that even in a world driven by mythic stories of heroes and villains with abilities ranging in strength from a steadfast aim to the power to reshape all of reality itself, the internet will never, ever, ever get enough cat videos.

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