Captain Marvel Cast Goof Off & Dance In Film’s Gag Reel

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The cast of Captain Marvel goofs around while working in the film as seen in its gag reel. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the Marvel Studios flick introduced fans to the MCU's first female headlining superhero Carol Danvers played by Brie Larson. Set in 1995, the movie also features fan-favorite characters from the franchise such as young (still two-eyed) Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) and Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) back when they were still S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives.

Aside from tackling the origin story of Captain Marvel, the latest Marvel Studios standalone also officially introduced the Kree and Skrulls in the franchise with a slew of new characters such as members of the Starforce - Kree's elite squad, Yon Rogg (Jude Law) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). Incorporating the Kree-Skrull war in its narrative with Earth caught up in the middle, the movie sets up a couple of potential overarching narrative for the universe moving forward. It earned more than $1 billion at the global box office and now, fans can enjoy it at the comforts of their own homes with its digital release. And to entice people to purchase its home format, a sneak peek of additional perks like the movie's gag reel can now be viewed online.

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Shared on YouTube by FilmArtsy is Captain Marvel's gag reel which is included in the home media release of the film currently available via digital download. The clip features Larson, Jackson, Mendelsohn (who showcases his great singing voice) and the rest of the cast goofing in-between takes. It also offers fans a couple of botched takes, like one involving Coulson and Fury. Meanwhile, the actors also had a great time working with Goose - both with the real cat and also the prop version of the scene-stealing Flerken, particularly Jackson. Check out the clip below:

Looking at the clip, it seems like the whole cast and crew had a blast working on Captain Marvel - even the Skrull actors who had to be under heavy make up and prosthetics during their full scenes. Mendelsohn, however, appeared to cannot wait to wrap as seen in his best rendition of Engelbert Humperdick's "Please Release Me." What made it more hilarious was Jackson, who was digitally de-aged in the film intercutting him saying "no" repeatedly. Despite this, both of them looked like they're in good spirits.

Since a majority of the cast of Captain Marvel survived the events of the film, it's not outside the realm of possibility for fans to see all of them back for future films. And considering the rapport that that they've developed in working in the original flick, chances are that it won't be that difficult to rope all those involved in reprising their roles for another time. Whether that's in another period piece sequel or something else remains to be seen. But it would be nice to see the ensemble cast return for more stories.

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Source: Marvel Studios (via FilmArtsy)

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