Captain Marvel: Emily Blunt Confirms 'Nobody Ever Called Me'

Emily Blunt confirms she was never in the running for the lead role in Captain Marvel. One of the biggest cheers Marvel Studios generated during their Phase 3 slate announcement in 2014 was the confirmation that Carol Danvers was getting a solo movie. Once that announcement was made, the fan casting for the MCU's soon-to-be most powerful hero kicked into high gear. The result generated a ton of high profile names for Marvel to consider, and the role wound up going to recent Oscar-winner Brie Larson.

She is just now getting to work on her solo film, with production officially kicking off yesterday. Most are thrilled with Larson taking on the role, even if she is slightly younger than some had thought. While a wish list or any other contenders that Larson beat out have yet to be revealed, some of the most popular choices were for Charlize Theron or Emily Blunt to play the former Air Force pilot.

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As much as the internet would've loved to have Blunt in this role, it appears it was never meant to be. While speaking to Screen Crush during the promotion of her new film A Quiet Place, Blunt was asked about how far in the Captain Marvel process she got. Not only did she clearly not get the part, but Marvel never even gave her a call.

Oh, no, nobody ever called me about it. [Laughs] It was all untrue!

Blunt is clearly someone on Marvel Studios' radar and firmly part of the Disney family, so to hear she never got a call is somewhat surprising. She was previously in contention for Peggy Carter and Black Widow, roles that went to Hayley Atwell and Scarlett Johansson respectively. She since signed on to play Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns, as well as starring opposite of Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise - both for Disney. Even though Blunt says in this interview that Mary Poppins is her superhero, she still has her true superhero eligibility, which could eventually find her in the MCU someway.

The casting for Carol came fresh off of Blunt's scene-stealing role in Edge of Tomorrow, where she perfectly played a commanding officer. It was easy to see how she could utilize those skills once again as Captain Marvel. Even though she could've made for a potentially great Carol Danvers, we'll never know. Thankfully, with Brie Larson playing this role (likely for years to come), the character should be in good hands. And who knows, maybe there could be a role for Blunt in Captain Marvel 2.

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Source: Screen Crush

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