Captain Marvel: Edgar Wright Congratulates Brie Larson with Scott Pilgrim Reference

Edgar Wright has congratulated Brie Larson on the success of Captain Marvel with a reference from the film that they worked on together, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Long before Larson was cast as Carol Danvers in the MCU, she played Envy Adams in Wright’s 2010 film adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s beloved Scott Pilgrim series.

Despite the best efforts of trolls intent on sabotaging Captain Marvel before the film even hit theaters, Marvel has another hit on their hands. In fact, the movie netted the box office’s sixth-largest worldwide opening weekend, as well as the second largest global debut for the superhero genre, second only to Avengers: Infinity War. The original global projections for Captain Marvel were that the film would make $350 million its first weekend. However, Carol has fired a photon blast right through that number, instead already earning $455 million worldwide. Considering the movie’s $152 million budget, Captain Marvel has made a profit right out of the gate. Aside from being a commercial success, the film has been a hit with most critics as well, including our own.

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Edgar Wright has taken to Twitter to congratulate Larson on the film’s impressive accomplishments. Well, actually he sent his compliments to the character that she played in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Larson portrayed Scott’s callous ex-girlfriend, Envy Adams, the frontwoman for the up-and-coming band, The Clash at Demonhead - which used to be Scott’s band. Wright congratulated Envy Adams on “another huge smash.” Interestingly, when Larson shows up in Avengers: Endgame next month, it will be a reunion of sorts with Chris Evans, who also appeared in the Scott Pilgrim movie as one of Ramona’s Evil Exes, Lucas Lee.

Wright had a brush with the MCU himself, having been the original choice to write and direct Ant-Man. However, after working on the film for the better part of a decade, some behind-the-scenes drama with Marvel Studios saw the task handed over to Peyton Reed instead, though there doesn’t really seem to be too much bad blood there. Marvel got the Ant-Man that they wanted, and Wright wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Baby Driver. The director recently revealed that he has finished writing a script for the sequel.

As the first female-led MCU film, as well as the first to have a woman co-director, it’s heartening to see Captain Marvel already doing so well both critically and commercially. It’s undoubtedly a blow to the small, but vocal minority who worked so hard to ensure the movie’s failure based solely on a misguided fear of change. Comics are for everyone, long serving as a refuge for all manner of outsiders who have felt misunderstood. It’s a culture that has always strived to be open to anyone, and true fans won’t see it torn apart by certain people who are behaving like actual supervillains. It turns out that they were no match for Captain Marvel anyway.

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