Captain Marvel Takes #2 Spot at Domestic Box Office, Behind Avengers: Endgame

Captain Marvel Endgame Mission SR

Piggybacking off of Avengers: Endgame's massive success, Brie Larson's Captain Marvel solo film climbs back up to #2 on the domestic box office chart. Going into this weekend, it was no mystery that Marvel Studios' 22nd MCU entry would make a big splash financially. It was just a question of how big an impact would be felt. Sure enough, Endgame is breaking all kinds of records, including for biggest domestic and worldwide opening weekends.

Amazingly, Avengers: Endgame has already earned over $1 billion worldwide in just a matter of days, a record unlikely to be broken anytime soon. This puts it in a pretty exclusive club, as only 38 other movies have ever earned more than a billion dollars at the box office. It's no coincidence that several other movies in that club are also MCU products, including the other three Avengers films, Black Panther, Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War, and most recently, Captain Marvel.

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Captain Marvel only came out at the beginning of March, meaning it didn't even get two full months of breathing room before Endgame crashed into theaters. Many questioned the wisdom of this, but it turns out Carol Danvers has only been helped by the arrival of the Avengers. According to Box Office Mojo, Captain Marvel took the #2 spot domestically this weekend with an $8 million haul, coming in right behind Endgame. Captain Marvel was #4 last week, so this was clearly an Avengers-induced bump upward.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers Endgame

Captain Marvel now sits at a domestic total of $413.6 million, and a worldwide mark of $1.1 billion worldwide. That makes it the fifth-highest grossing of the MCU to date stateside, and the eighth-highest globally. Not bad for a debut solo movie that's only been out for seven weeks. While Carol Danvers played an important role in Avengers: Endgame, it's now basically set in stone that Larson will play the character in a solo sequel at some point. Perhaps it'll be set between her first adventure and Endgame.

At this rate, it seems likely that Avengers: Endgame will retain the top spot at the box office next weekend, and possibly the weekend after, depending on how strong Detective Pikachu opens. Will Captain Marvel remain by its side going forward? It's too soon to tell. Either way, Marvel's strategy of releasing them so close together seems to have paid off. At a certain point, we might all be better off just assuming Disney knows what it's doing.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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