Captain Marvel Director Already Locked Down?

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Marvel Studios has been taking their time finding a director for Captain Marvel, but it appears they may have secretly found one already. Marvel initially announced that Carol Danvers was getting a solo movie back in 2014, but since then it has been one of the quietest projects in development. The movie took a big step forward last summer when it was officially announced that recent Oscar winner Brie Larson had signed on as Captain Marvel, and the studio has been looking for their first female director ever since.

Despite a variety of statements regarding when an announcement could be expected, Marvel's first female led superhero movie remains their only announced film without a director. Well, thanks to a fellow director in the know, it appears that may have changed very recently.

Marvel Studios hosted a number of outlets at their offices ahead of the first screenings for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and those in attendance were given a behind-the-scenes look at their process. One of the attendees was Screen Junkies' Roth Cornet, and her group had the chance to meet Ant-Man & The Wasp director Peyton Reed. But, when Captain Marvel was brought up in conversation, he said that a director was "locked today" before executive producer Jeremy Latcham quickly made him stop talking.

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With it now possibly being out of the bag that Captain Marvel has a director, how soon Marvel officially announces the hire is something to keep an eye out for. They could easily wait until the hype around Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has died down, which would mean a few weeks between now and an official statement. Or, just as they announced Larson's casting at Comic-Con International in San Diego last year, Marvel may wait until their panel at the event this summer. When the director is named, it will be fascinating to see whether or not it is one of the many names that have previously been linked to the job.

Even though it may feel like Captain Marvel is not getting the same attention at the moment as other MCU films, it is the one that is farthest away from the start of pre-production, let alone actually beginning to film. That said, with filming eyed to start in early 2018 and this same visit bringing about the first description of Danvers' costume, news is picking up. Once a director is officially announced, it will be only a few months before casting announcements are made and more of the story is brought to light. As long as Reed and Latcham weren't playing an elaborate and convincing joke on their visitors, all of this information could start to come rather quickly.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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