How Captain Marvel's Costume Has Changed For Avengers: Endgame

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Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel.

When Captain Marvel returns in Avengers: Endgame, she will be wearing a new variation of her colorful costume. Carol Danvers' super suit actually changed numerous times throughout the Captain Marvel movie and her iconic look receives further tweaks when she joins Earth's Mightiest Heroes to battle Thanos.

Captain Marvel's evolving movie costume is an ode to how her outfit in Marvel Comics constantly changed with the times. When Carol Danvers gained her superpowers and became Ms. Marvel in 1976, she wore a costume designed by John Romita based on the red, blue and gold gear of Mar-Vell, but with bare legs and midriff. A year later, her costume was revised to cover her midriff. Later, Ms. Marvel donned a black one-piece swimsuit with a gold lightning logo, thigh-high black boots, nearly full arm-length black gloves, and a red sash. The Captain Marvel movie costume worn by Brie Larson is based on the popular 2012 uniform designed by Jamie McKelvie when Carol accepted the Captain Marvel mantle. In the film, Carol's suit is actually her Kree Starforce uniform; she alters and personalizes its colors when she turns her back on the Kree and adopts the role of a superhero.

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Captain Marvel's end-credits scene actually shows the exact moment in Avengers: Endgame where Carol meets Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She has indeed answered the call of Nick Fury's pager and arrived in Avengers Compound demanding to know "Where's Fury?"  Fans immediately noticed the striking difference in Carol Danvers' new look. Not only is Captain Marvel's blonde hair longer but her uniform has been altered; the blue armor, golden stripes, and Star of Hala logo on her chest are shinier and her shoulder pads are now gold-plated. Only Carol's head and torso are visible in the frame, but it can be assumed the bottom half of her uniform mirrors the changes. While the Avengers present have no idea who this mystery woman is, it's clear to fans that Carol has revised her costume yet again during her 20 years in outer space.

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Most of the other Avengers have changed or upgraded their costumes over the years; in fact, Tony Stark has donned numerous, increasingly technologically advanced Iron Man suits since he built his original bulky armor to escape imprisonment from the Middle East in Iron Man. In addition, Captain America has worn different variations of his star-spangled uniform, Spider-Man was gifted different StarkTech costumes and will wear new ones in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the Avengers team will don white "Advanced Tech" suits in Avengers: Endgame.

Captain Marvel's writer-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck smartly tied Carol's upgrading her uniform to her self-discovery and character evolution throughout the film. Carol begins by believing that she's a Kree warrior-hero named Vers and she proudly wears the green, black, and gold colors of the Starforce. After she crash-lands on Earth, Vers gradually discovers she's really US Air Force Captain Carol Danvers. Once she learns the Kree kidnapped her and lied to her after she gained superpowers from the Tesseract, Carol naturally feels she can no longer wear the colors of the Kree.

Luckily, Carol knows "the only one around here with a sense of style", her best friend Maria Rambeau's young daughter Monica. One of Captain Marvel's most charming scenes is Carol asking Monica to help her decide on a new color scheme for her suit; after experimenting with a dull green and white (an homage to the colors of the first comics costume worn by Mar-Vell) and even glowing dance party neon, Carol decided the red, blue, and gold of Monica's USAF T-shirt would be the most appropriate colors for her. The new look of Carol's suit also meshed nicely with her brown USAF bomber jacket.

Fittingly, Carol maintained her chosen colors during her two decades of adventures in outer space so the cosmic MCU she encountered knows the distinctive look of Captain Marvel. However, it's clear she opted for further upgrades, and fans can't wait to see the newly designed Captain Marvel in action against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

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