• New early designs for Supreme Intelligence make their way online 1 / 9

  • Played by Annette Bening in Captain Marvel, the Kree leader took on the same appearance as gender-swapped Mar-Vell 2 / 9

    Captain Marvel Mar-Vell Vertical
  • And in Carol Danvers' interaction with her, she's dressed like a Kree fighter 3 / 9

    Jude Law as Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel
  • But that's not the case in these early concept artworks 4 / 9

  • As the character is dressed in a long gown, almost similar to Frigga in the Thor franchise 5 / 9

  • In the end, it's great Marvel Studios opted to let the character dress up in Mar-Vell's fight suit 6 / 9

    Kree Supreme Intelligence Vertical
  • Since it makes much more sense narratively seeing as that's the type of character Carol had been aspiring to be 7 / 9

  • Before she realized that the Kree are actually the bad guys. 8 / 9

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