Captain Marvel Concept Art Shows Carol Danvers & Nick Fury

A new batch of concept art for Captain Marvel has arrived, offering a number of looks at Carol Danvers suited up as the cosmic hero along with a young Nick Fury. Though Ant-Man and the Wasp is the MCU's next big entry, fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of Carol Danvers on the big screen next year. Her story will kick-off in the early '90s where she'll team with a young Nick Fury and Phil Coulson to stem the tide of the Kree-Skrull War. And with that major event introduced into the Marvel movies, Secret Invasion could be in the future.

While Captain Marvel will be a prequel, the end credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War proved that it will tie back into the modern narrative. With many of the universe's heroes gone, Thanos and other villains will be running amok when Avengers 4 happens. Luckily, Captain Marvel can move planets with her considerable strength, meaning she'll be a major asset to the remaining Avengers. Despite the relevance the character is about to have in the MCU, an official version of Brie Larson in costume has yet to be released. Some new concept art, however, gets fairly close.

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Aj Designs shared some new concept art for Captain Marvel on Twitter that he claims is official. While it would be strange for someone commissioned to work on a Marvel project to reveal art for a film before marketing has even begun, the designs are still interesting to behold. Not only do they show a couple of different looks for Carol Danvers, we also get to see a younger and more subdued Nick Fury.

The art is the second Aj Designs has dropped today. Before the look at Captain Marvel, new Avengers 4 concept art showed Carol alongside Hulk in his new unitard and War Machine with his biggest upgrade yet. That art ties in with the recent Avengers 4 art that also teased some new character looks. Again, none of this art has been confirmed to be official, but the quality and designs are interesting enough even if they don't reflect the actual film.

If the art is real, then it presents us with our best look at Captain Marvel's costume. Naturally, it fits right into the current MCU with elements of Captain America's and Spider-Man's costumes. Knowing that, it's possible that this costume will be Carol's Avengers 4 look as it certainly appears more in line with the modern MCU. That means Tony Stark may be responsible for the new costume, as he's helped outfit most of the Avengers.

It's also nice to finally see how Nick Fury will appear in Captain Marvel, complete with both his eyes (though missing his iconic duster). The origins of Fury and Coulson should be another interesting aspect of Captain Marvel, helping to flesh out more of SHIELD's early days. With Captain Marvel wrapping filming in the coming weeks, hopefully we'll see something official revealed this summer. Until then, stay tuned for more Captain Marvel art and news.

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Source: Aj Designs

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