Captain Marvel Loses Her Powers - Just Like Wolverine

Captain Marvel and Wolverine

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel #9

Captain Marvel's powers are rapidly draining, and it turns out the reason is very similar to what Wolverine went through in 2013's The Wolverine! Readers have seen Carol losing her powers over the last few issues of Captain Marvel, and things are going from bad to worse. In Captain Marvel #9 she goes head to head with another kraken, and this time her "full power" blast is shrugged off like nothing happened. Tony Stark convinces her to go to his lab for some testing, where they discover a parasite like device inside her body that just might be the root of these issues. Sound familiar? It should! Because Wolverine dealt with something similar in his second solo movie.

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For those that don't recall, Logan AKA Wolverine, was not healing as he should after fights. The reason was a mystery until he was able to use Ichiro Yashida's X-ray machine and discover a robotic parasite attached to his heart. It was slowing down his healing factor, which is not exactly a good thing for someone that gets in as many bloody fights as Wolverine does. In true Wolverine fashion, he cuts himself open to remove it. Good thing he got that healing factor back!

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The device that Tony discovers inside of Carol is a mix of organic material and tech -- which sure sounds like the robotic parasite Wolverine was dealing with. Other than that, Tony is clueless. And when Tony Stark is clueless, it is hard to have hope. One thing he does know is that is has seemed to evolve INSIDE of Carol.

Captain Marvel heart parasite

There is no mention of it evolving and growing more, but in theory it could. Her powers are declining at a rapid rate, which means she needs to remove this ASAP. Will she cut herself open to get it out like Wolverine did? Probably not.

Discovering this brings up more questions than answers. Just how did this parasitic device get inside of Carol -- and how will she get it out? It is still a mystery as to who put it there, but considering the fact that it is definitely Kree, Carol comes to the conclusion it has something to do with Minn-Erva. However, in the final panel of the issue, it doesn't look that way. Minn-Erva is chained up alongside a note that reads "You're not as smart as you think." So if not Minn-Erva then who? And why? Fall To Pieces continues in Captain Marvel #10, which hits shelves September 11, 2019!

Captain Marvel #9 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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