The Better, Stronger Captain Marvel is Secretly [SPOILER]

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Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel #10

Captain Marvel has become the world's most hated superhero and has been continuously upstaged by newcomer superhero Star--whose identity has just been revealed in the pages of Captain Marvel #10! Life hasn't been great for Carol Danvers, but things took a more dangerous turn when she began losing her powers at a rapid rate. It turns out Carol isn't just losing them, she's passing them on to someone else... Star, whose true identity has just been revealed as Ripley Ryan!

Sound familiar? It should. Ripley Ryan is the writer that had a major hand in Captain Marvel's Kree heritage being revealed. She was also trapped on Roosevelt Island when Captain Marvel's team of all female superheroes united to take down Nuclear Man. Ripley was in the wrong place at the wrong time, all because she wanted to interview Carol for Ms. Magazine. That is the day her life changed: seeing how strong Carol was, and how vulnerable she seemed, Ripley knew it was time for a change.

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Ripley, among many other humans, volunteered to be a test subject for Carol's old Kree frenemy Minerva, hoping to get superpowers. Minerva admitted to Carol that only one subject was a success and became half-human, half-Kree. But Minerva needed to find a way to give her powers, because that is what she had promised. Which is also how Captain Marvel ended up with a robotic parasite on her heart, draining her powers. And sending them right to Star! Surprisingly Minerva decides to warn Carol, letting her know Star is not to be trusted ("I don't know if she was always bad... I don't have a rigorous vetting procedure"). The bigger problem? On top of having a nasty streak, Star is currently stronger than Captain Marvel. A lot stronger. And Carol is the only one who might be able to take her down.

Star's identity revealed Captain Marvel

In the interest of protecting civilians, Carol confronts Star and flies directly up into the sky... before digging into her chest and pulling out the aforementioned parasite. Assuming this will stop Star from siphoning powers, the rewards outweigh the risks. But when the dust settles and Star is still standing, Carol is baffled. Until Star explains she knew Carol was vulnerable after the Roosevelt Island attack, cluing Carol in to her true identity. The reporter she risked everything to save, and jumped through an unknown portal after: Ripley.

Star knew she couldn't rely on just Captain Marvel's powers to keep her going. Not with Carol's do-gooder attitude, and willingness to sacrifice herself for a world that hates her. Which is why Ripley went ahead and infected the entire world, meaning Carol literally ripping the problem out of her chest (nearly killing herself in the process) Ripley has a LOT more energy to draw from. Will Captain Marvel be able to stop Star before it is too late? And will she ever get her powers back? We just might find out when Captain Marvel #11 hits shelves on October 16th, 2019!

Captain Marvel #10 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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