Captain Marvel is Green Lantern in an Alternate Reality?

Warning: SPOILERS for Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1

Now that Captain Marvel has an Infinity Stone, her similarities to Green Lantern are officially too obvious to ignore. True, there may only be so much that either Marvel or DC writers can actually do to make their own "space cops" seem like they aren't all drawing from the same well. But now, Marvel is joking that one might actually be the other... in an alternate reality.

The movie world may claim there's no greater rivalry than Marvel vs. DC, and the comic book publishers may maintain a friendly one in the printed pages. But for whatever reason, these supposed opponents just can't stop making jokes about them coexisting as alternate worlds in one great, big, comics Multiverse.

The latest example? An alternate reality in which Captain Marvel dresses like Green Lantern, magical power ring and all.

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The Infinity Countdown event has already played on the legal confusion over Carol Danvers and "Captain Marvel" of the DC Universe (now referred to in comics and movies by his famous magical phrase, "Shazam!"). When Carol got her hands on the Reality Stone, she used it to see through Marvel's Multiverse, where she learned that DC's Shazam is the Captain Marvel of an alternate universe.

That joke returns with even more alongside it in Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1, when Carol takes another look at her Multiverse doppelgangers. The appearance of Brie Larson's movie version of Captain Marvel may be the cameo most will catch, but there's another hero in familiar uniform. And who now wields the Reality Stone as a powered ring...

While the same small peek at cuffed boots and fluttering cape confirm the earlier Shazam reference, two new alternate-universe Captains Marvel double down on the jokes. The most visible is the appearance of a hero who seems to be Mar-Vell (the original hero who passes his powers onto Carol Danvers, played by Jude Law in the Captain Marvel movie). While his green and white, masked costume can be excused as his original Kree uniform, his choice to wear the Reality Stone as a ring on the middle finger of his right hand is harder to dismiss.

If the similarities in pose and weapon (with Mar-Vell's usual handheld blaster nowhere to be seen) aren't a direct joke, then it really is one incredible coincidence. But the recent string of inside jokes in the comics makes it easier to believe it's intentional now than ever. Whatever the case, fans get to appreciate these moments and visual gags all the same.

Like Spider-Man jumping into DC's Metropolis., or Booster Gold slyly confirming that the Marvel Universe exists in an alternate timeline of DC's, these clever cameos or twists can only truly be appreciated by fans of both. So no, it's unlikely that either Marvel or DC will confirm that Captain Marvel, Shazam, or even Green Lanterns may take up the same space in an endless kaleidoscope of alternate universes.

But for the fans who enjoy the thought, it's always nice to know the storytellers themselves enjoy it just as much.

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