Captain Marvel Will KILL To Become The Strongest Avenger

Captain Marvel is turning evil in her next story, but looks to finally prove she's the strongest Avenger - by killing her competition.

Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Captain Marvel #12

The fans of Captain Marvel are eagerly awaiting her turn from hero to villain, with the tease that her coming issues will actually see Carol Danvers kill an Avenger. But it now seems like more than one Avenger will be beaten or killed, with the end result being an official confirmation: Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger, if she no longer cares about murdering her competition.

The twist seemed like an entertaining, if somewhat misleading tease for her November issue when first announced. But as the official solicitations and cover art for the following issues has been revealed, it' no longer just hype: Captain Marvel is going to kill an Avenger. And with the December issue of Captain Marvel already confirming "one Avenger dead at Captain Marvel's hand," new reports suggest the identity of her victim. Well, her first victim, anyway. And just when Carol and Thor seemed to be getting along in the Marvel movies, too!

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The idea that Carol would find reason to turn against her fellow heroes is a lot easier to believe, thanks to her recent storyline showing why Captain Marvel should hate people. But with that issue now solved -- and Captain Marvel the world's favorite hero once more --  the November 20th issue of Captain Marvel #12 will be serving up Carol's "greatest challenge: kill the Avengers." The cover art shows all the Avengers vanquished, but only one still grasped in the hand of Captain Marvel's new, black supersuit...

Now BleedingCool reports to have gotten a sneak preview of the issue, confirming it is based around an extended fight sequence between the two heroes. Not surprising, given the regular debate over who is the strongest Avenger: Captain Marvel or Thor? Captain Marvel and Thor. But as exciting as a knock down, drag out battle between Carol and Thor is to look forward to, that is cause for concern for god of thunder fans. Read the official plot synopsis for the following issue, Captain Marvel #13:

One Avenger is dead at Captain Marvel's hand. Who will be next? And why? What strange allegiance is driving Captain Marvel to the darkest edge?

We would advise fans to keep their predictions to themselves for now, since Captain Marvel #12 featuring Carol and Thor in combat could mean a surprise first victim instead. That being said, If Marvel isn't ready to turn Captain Marvel into an actual villain just yet, killing the one 'god' on the Avengers would give writer Kelly Thompson some wiggle room. The same goes for She-Hulk, as well. It's still not totally clear if the Hulk's immortality is shared among all other Hulks, so Carol killing She-Hulk could also be undone. But if these are the two top candidates for Captain Marvel's victims, the more important detail is that Carol is expected to win. In the process, making it damn near indisputable that Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger, hands down.

We'll only know for sure as this dark chapter unfolds, beginning with Captain Marvel #12, arriving at your local comic book shop on November 20th, 2019.

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Source: BleedingCool

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