Exclusive Preview: Captain Marvel & Star-Lord Get Robbed

Screen Rant has an exclusive preview of this week's Captain Marvel #129 in which Danvers and the sinister Dr. Eve finally face off. Carol Danvers is still reeling from all the bizarre changes she's been faced with in the Mirror Universe, but talking her way out of a blaster to the face is familiar territory, at least.

The Mighty Captain Marvel followed Danvers as she worked to fit into her new role as leader of Alpha Flight. Marvel would lead the way in protecting the citizens of Earth from extraterrestrial threats. Despite its high number, issue #125 acted as a sort of a soft reboot for the series, introducing readers to an upside-down version of Carol Danvers and exploring her criminal alter ego's dark origin story. Through the past four issues, Danvers has found herself lost in space and stranded in an alternate universe where Peter Quill is a Big Bad and Thanos is ... kind of a nice guy, actually.

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Danvers became separated from her crew and woke up in a Mirror Universe filled with familiar, yet creepy sights. In her attempt to make her way back to her own reality and find the missing Kree girl, Bean, Danvers was captured by Quill, who intended to hand her over to the justice-dispensing Thanos ... a plan that didn't quite sit right with Quill's crew, who turns on Starkill, resulting in both he and Danvers becoming prisoners. Nice Guy Thanos doesn't care for the prisoners, becoming Marvel's best hope for escape, but he does have his eye on the Reality Stone. Quill and Danvers are forced to team up to keep Thanos from using the stone - but a second threat quickly appears with her own plans for the intergalactic treasure. The story in #129 picks up with Danvers staring down the barrel of Dr. Eve's blaster.

After a humous argument with Quill over her seemingly endless number of nemeses (poor guy thought he was the only one), Danvers reveals to a confused Starkill that he did not actually kill this Dr. Eve as he is certain he did. The Dr. Eve holding the two "frenemies" hostage dragged Captain Marvel into this new world in an attempt to get her hands on the Reality Stone. A frustrated Eve puts an end to Quill and Marvel's squabble by unleashing her blaster on Starkill and again orders Danvers to hand over the Reality Stone. Marvel refuses, of course, only to discover a ghostly Bean in Eve's possession. Will she give up the stone in exchange for the missing girl?

Check out the synopsis and exclusive preview pages for Captain Marvel #129 below:

Published: February 28 Rating: T+ Writer: Margaret Stohl Penciler: Michele Bandini Cover Artist: Phil Noto

DARK ORIGINS PART 5! CAROL DANVERS unites the ZETAS in a last-ditch effort to stop DR. EVE’S PLAN! But will her plan strand her in this alternate reality? Also: BEAN’s shocking secret revealed!

The Mighty Captain Marvel #129 releases February 28, 2018, from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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