20Destroy: Loki

Loki wears his helmet as Thor stops him from using the Bifrost in Thor

A descendant of the Frost Giants and an heir to the throne of Asgard, Loki’s powers are both vast and unpredictable. While he is no match for Thor in terms of sheer strength, Loki has been known to outsmart his adoptive brother on numerous occasions. This makes predicting a

fight between the God of Mischief and Captain Marvel seemingly too close to call — as there are far more variables to consider than just each characters’ superhuman abilities.

With enough prep time, Loki could almost certainly hatch a scheme to one-up Captain Marvel, but it if the two were simply to be thrown into a ring Sakaar-style and forced to square-off, we'd definitely put our money on Captain Marvel to emerge the victor.    

Surtur in Thor Ragnarok
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