Captain Marvel Toys Confirm [SPOILER] Is An Alien In The MCU

Captain Marvel toys confirm another Marvel character in the movie is an alien. One of the main plot points in the Captain Marvel will certainly be focused on uncovering aliens who are disguised as humans or other creatures - of which one of them is Talos, who is impersonating a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but there are plenty of other disguised creatures in the movie.

When Kelly Sue DeConnick launched her iconic Captain Marvel comic book run back in 2012, she was focused on fleshing out Carol Danvers as a character. Part of that was giving her a strong supporting cast - and even a pet cat named Chewie. It didn't take long for Carol to take her pet into space, and there she learned the shocking truth; as cute as Chewie may be, she's a member of a vicious alien race known as the Flerken. The MCU version of Chewie has had her name changed, presumably for trademarking reasons; she's called "Goose," an amusing homage to Top Gun. But up till now, it's been unclear whether or not Goose is also an alien.

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Goose's alien nature has finally been confirmed, albeit in the most unexpected and amusing way, after the character first appeared in Captain Marvel's second official trailer. Hasbro revealed their official Captain Marvel merchandise, including promotional shots of the film's Marvel Legends range. While Goose appears next to Carol Danvers as a normal cat, the Nick Fury figure comes with an interesting version of Goose - one stood on two legs and forcibly restrained, with cuffs around her paws and a metal clamp over her mouth. It clearly illustrates that, just like Chewie in the comics, Goose is an alien.

Goose the Cat in Captain Marvel

The Flerken are a formidable alien race, with a reputation for being dangerous and vicious. Their bodies contain hidden dimensions, described as "bubbles of space and time that contain other worlds." As such, a Flerken can open its mouth to unleash a horde of extra-dimensional tentacles, which can eat practically anything; in one comic issue, Chewie happily devoured what appeared to be something similar to a Venom symbiote. In the comics, Chewie was the last of the Flerkens; fearing hunters, she fled to the isolated planet Earth for sanctuary. There, she settled down as a pet to the most powerful human she could find - Captain Marvel.

Carol discovered the truth about Chewie when she took the cat into space, and ultimately crossed paths with Rocket Raccoon. He recognized a Flerken at once, and actually attempted to kill her; it was only when Rocket learned Chewie was the last of her kind that he relented. Shortly after, Chewie laid no less than 117 eggs, all of which hatched; she's no longer the last of her kind in Marvel Comics, but that still hasn't happened in the movies yet. What's interesting about this scenario is that it could potentially happen in a similar way in Avengers 4, since both Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon are slated to be big parts of Anthony and Joe Russo's 2019 Marvel movie.

It will be fascinating to see how the Flerken are adapted for Captain Marvel. The Marvel Legends figure hints that Goose will be comic accurate, though; note the metal clamp over her mouth, presumably to stop her eating anyone. It seems safe to assume that Goose will choose either Carol Danvers or Nick Fury as her owner in the MCU, and side with them against the Skrulls and the Kree when the Kree-Skrull War comes to Earth.

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