Jude Law in Talks to Play Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel

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Jude Law is in talks to join the cast of Captain Marvel, where he would play the character Mar-Vell. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans may have to wait until Avengers 4 to see Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) team up with the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but before that her solo film will help to explore an untapped corner of the MCU. Set in the early '90s and said to feature Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Captain Marvel will bring the Kree-Skrull War to the MCU as Carol Danvers evolves from ace pilot to cosmic superhero.

In the world of Marvel Comics, Danvers gains her powers after an incident that involves Kree technology exploding and infusing her with the powers of Mar-Vell. While he held the name Captain Marvel, Carol became Ms. Marvel in her own comic book series in 1977. In the time since then, Carol has taken on the mantle of the deceased Mar-Vell and became the true Captain Marvel, which is where she is expected to be in present-day MCU. The latest casting update for the project suggests that the film will indeed dive deeper into Carol Danvers' backstory on the big screen.

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Variety is reporting that Jude Law is in negotiations to star in Captain Marvel as  Doctor Walter Lawson, a.k.a. Mar-Vell, who will indeed serve as Danvers' mentor while she gets a handle on her newfound super-powers in the film. Nothing is finalized yet, but it looks as though Law has jumped ahead of the other well-known candidates that have been approached about the role (see the tweet below for more).

Fun fact, another actor who also considered the role before passing...Keanu

— Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) November 22, 2017

With the Kree-Skrull War coming to the MCU, it only makes sense for Mar-Vell to make his way to Earth to help stop the invasion in Captain Marvel. The film will presumably start off at a point where Carol is just an ordinary pilot, before exploring the accident that granted her super-powers.

The whole Captain/Ms. Marvel thing could event be skipped over in the film by having Law's Kree Warrior be known as simply Mar-Vell and providing Danvers with the inspiration for her nom de guerre. It would make sense for Marvel to keep Law's exact role in the film's story under wraps for now, considering the cosmic ramifications of introducing Mar-Vell, but with Captain Marvel set to shoot early next year more information should soon come to light.

Variety's report also doubles down on the claim that Ben Mendelsohn is set to play Captain Marvel's villain, likely a high-ranking Skrull. The film is already set to introduce a number of big elements to the MCU, all while taking place well before the events of the original Avengers movie. Hopefully, the impending official synopsis for Captain Marvel will shed more light on what, exactly, fans can expect from the movie.

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Source: Variety

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