Captain Marvel: Watch Brie Larson Push A 5000-Pound Jeep For Training

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Hang Loose

Brie Larson has gone through intense training for her role in Captain Marvel, which included pushing a 5000-pound Jeep by herself for roughly 60 seconds. While big-budget superhero films are no doubt ripe with special effects, allowing actors to pull off impossible feats, that's not to say the roles aren't physically taxing - as Larson clearly proved.

The footage that has been released so far for Captain Marvel features Carol Danvers (Larson) facing her fair share of struggles. Over the course of her life, from a young girl to a full-fledged superhero, she's seen falling and struggling, but never failing to get up. That appears to be one of the main themes of her journey; it's taken the Marvel Cinematic Universe twenty films before they gave a female character her own standalone film, and Carol's journey will no doubt prove that she is just as resilient and strong as her male counterparts - if not stronger. Now, Larson's physical training for the film proves that preparing for Captain Marvel is no easy feat.

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On her official Instagram, Larson posted a video showing off some of her training for Captain Marvel. This wouldn't be the first time that Larson has shared some of her training from the film - previously showing off her rock-climbing skills - but this latest example of her preparation is leaps and bounds beyond basic training.  In the video, Larson is pushing a 5000-pound Jeep ("with a full tank of gas") without any equipment, while her trainer films and motivates her to keep going. Check out the video below:

All of the promotional material for Captain Marvel has showcased Carol's resilience and strength. In fact, while it's common knowledge from fans of the comics that Carol is arguably the strongest member of the Avengers, this point has been driven home even further. After Kevin Feige confirmed that she is "by far the strongest character" in the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson recently hinted at even more abilities that that will either surface in Captain Marvel or Avengers: Endgameabilities that allow her to travel through time.

Whereas some of the films in the MCU followed a traditional storytelling mold, Captain Marvel is clearly taking a new approach. Though there are certainly flashes of familiarity, it doesn't feel by-the-books; and this approach seems as though it'll extend to Captain Marvel's abilities. All of the footage for the film so far seems to have held back on revealing too much, so audiences will no doubt be in for quite a surprise when they see just how powerful Carol truly is. Whether she ever needs to actually push a Jeep in the film, though, remains to be seen.

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