Brie Larson Shows off New Captain Marvel Shoes

Star of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, got a brand new pair of shoes thanks to Nike, and she's taking them to Instagram to show them off. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star doesn't make her film debut until 2019, but everyone is excited about Captain Marvel the movie, so much that they've made Captain Marvel the shoe into a must grab for diehard fans who want to work out like Carol Danvers.

The superheroine has been making a big splash in comic pages for several years now and there's plenty of merchandise available for her, but this is a fun way to market a really cool service that fans can use at the Nike website.

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As revealed in Larson's Instagram post, these shoes are red and black with gold embroidered letters. The letters on the heel spell out Capt. Marvel, just in case people want to catch how cool Larson is even after she leaves the gym or the running path. The shoes are, as Larson herself said, "Butt-Kicking Kicks." The red, gold and black pattern is a very nice touch and while it probably has nothing to do with her MCU costume - which is traditionally gold, blue, and red - the black might be a nice replacement for the more traditional outfit. Unfortunately, fans won't know until 2019, but until then they can replicate, or do their best to replicate, these shoes with the Nike ID technology.

Thank you @nike for the coolest #gift ever ever ever!!!! If you like them you can make them with Nike ID!!! So cool!! Butt kicker kicks ???

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Available on Nike's website, fans can design their own pair of kicks similar to Larson's by clicking on the "design your own" option. Nike then walks you through screens to decide what color shoes you'd like. The website is thorough and asks you tons of detailed questions about just what you want your Nike shoes to look like. Everything from the toes of the shoe to the tongue is available to customize and yes, you can add your own text just like Nike did for Larson.

A fully customized shoe retails for about $135 plus shipping, however, though Nike creates quality shoes that are built to last. Any runner, particularly a Marvel fan should consider upgrading their running shoes to a customizable pair, but thanks to Nike ID a fan's imagination can run wild. While Carol Danvers shoes exist in the world, it might be nice to see Ms. Marvel's Kamala Khan get this spotlight treatment or even an entire line of unique Marvel shoes themed to different characters. Even if Marvel never pursues a project along those lines, fans can get creative thanks to Nike ID, and Larson who drew fans' eyes to the project.

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