Stunning Captain Marvel Fan Art Shows A Fully Powered Carol Danvers

Captain Marvel Binary Powers

Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers becomes fully powered in stunning new Captain Marvel fan art. With the release of the long-awaited first Captain Marvel trailer, which recorded a staggering 109 million views in the first 24 hours, Captain Marvel mania has officially hit the internet. Set in the 1990s, the movie stars Oscar-winner Larson as Carol Danvers, a former fighter pilot, who becomes one of the galaxy’s most powerful superheroes as earth finds itself caught up in a war between two alien races.

Anticipation is understandably high for Captain Marvel, which will be the first MCU movie headed up solely by a female superhero. Fans have naturally gotten very busy breaking down the Captain Marvel trailer for hints about Carol Danvers’ origin story in the film, as well as clues about what happens to her after she returns to Earth. At least one moment from the trailer, where Danvers punches an old lady on a train, has generated a small amount of controversy (though everyone assumes there’s probably a good explanation for why Danvers would attack an elderly woman).

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In addition to gratuitous violence against the aged, the trailer also shows an amnesia-ridden Danvers crashing back to Earth from wherever she's been - true to the movie’s ‘90s setting, she lands on a Blockbuster - and also shows her sporting a (sort of) mohawk as a member of Starforce (why Danvers ends up joining a supervillain team will no doubt be explained in the movie as well). There’s also a wow moment where Danvers powers up, giving fans a brief glimpse of Captain Marvel with her full might on display. Now, a fan artist named ultraraw26 has taken the fully- powered Captain Marvel visual and run with it to create a stunning piece of fan art that gives audiences Carol Danvers in all her fiery glory. See the art below:

Much like Dr. Strange and Thor, Captain Marvel brings a cosmic dimension into play in the MCU, and that extra power will no doubt be a major factor as the character joins the battle against Thanos in Avengers 4. Fittingly, the Captain Marvel trailer features a callback to the moment at the end of Avengers: Infinity War when an about-to-disintegrate Nick Fury pages Carol Danvers in distress. The new trailer also gives fans a glimpse of a younger, two-eyed Nick Fury thanks to Samuel L. Jackson and some impressive de-aging effects.

As if the world didn't already know that the MCU is just about the biggest thing in movies right now, the high level of Captain Marvel hype proves it all over again. The months until the movie drops will no doubt be filled with teasers, as well as loads of fan speculation and a lot of fan-created art like the fully powered Carol Danvers image featured above. All this is leading up to the ultimate MCU moment as the groundwork is laid for the final showdown between the remaining Avengers plus Captain Marvel - and whoever else ends up coming along for the ride - and the all-powerful Thanos himself.

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Source: ultraraw25/Instagram

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