Captain Marvel Plays a Big Part in the MCU's Epic Phase 3 Conclusion

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Brie Larson's Captain Marvel will be a key part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's upcoming Phase 3 wrap-up. While we have not yet even seen Larson take flight as Marvel's first lead female superhero, her involvement in the franchise has already been laid out. Following her solo adventure, the character will appear in the still-untitled Avengers 4 movie, releasing just a couple of months afterward. Little is known regarding the Russo Brothers-directed Avengers 4 and it is safe to say that it will be that way until its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War rolls out in seven months. However, it is expected that Larson's Captain Marvel has a significant role in the film, especially after she was spotted in Atlanta.


And now, speaking with IndieWire, as he goes through the press rounds for Marvel's latest venture, Thor: Ragnarok, Kevin Feige hints at how Captain Marvel will factor into the end of Marvel's Phase 3.

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“There are a lot of discussions, they all focus on the post-Phase Three, ‘Avengers’ 4 film, so nothing that we’ll get into publicly. We’re really focusing on ‘Captain Marvel’ and the work that Anna and Ryan are doing. It’s going to be a big part of heading towards this epic conclusion and epic finale of 22 movies over the course of 10 years. That is focus for the next six movies we have to finish and get out. Really, the focus now is on delivering ‘Captain Marvel’ and then bringing Captain Marvel’s story into the finale of everything we’ve started thus far.”

Looking into Feige's comments, it seems like it's not just Captain Marvel, the superhero, who will be a key component of bringing this massive chapter of the MCU to a close. Judging from what we know about the standalone, the hero will go up against the Skrulls and the film will incorporate some element of the Kree-Skrull war. It will be a period piece set in the '90s, meaning that by the time The Avengers 4 rolls around, Captain Marvel will have been an established hero for quite some time. In the pages of the comic books, the Marvel hero has tussled with Infinity War Big Bad Thanos along with the other Avengers before, so bringing her to the forefront of the conflict with the mad titan will be a natural fit for the character. All the pieces are in place for the upcoming storyline. The only question now is how closely the route that Marvel plans to take to the end of Phase 3 will mirror the story in the funny books.

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Source: IndieWire

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