Captain Marvel Art Reveals Up-Close Look at Costume & Helmet

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Captain Marvel merchandise is due to hit stores in January 2019, and some new promotional art reveals the best look yet at the MCU's newest superhero, showing off her costume and helmet. Having already been teased to play a major role in Avengers 4Captain Marvel is set up to become one of the most significant characters in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The plot of Captain Marvel is still largely a mystery. Set in 1995, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will be a powerful superhero who serves as a member of an elite alien military unit called the Kree Starforce. She arrives on Earth on a mission to track down alien shapeshifters who have infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., though she quickly realizes that she has a more intimate connection with the planet than she originally suspected. The first trailer hinted that Captain Marvel's memories have been manipulated, and that the true villain of the film may actually be the Starforce themselves. Marvel has been careful not to confirm the identity of Jude Law's Starforce Commander, leading many to speculate that he's actually Yon-Rogg, a classic Captain Marvel villain. As for now, though fans can't take a deeper dive into the plot, they can take a closer look at her costume.

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The trailer showed relatively few images of Captain Marvel in her iconic red-and-blue uniform, instead settling for the standard green Kree outfit. Now, new images of Captain Marvel's final costume are appearing on merchandise due to hit stores in the second week of January, according to Captain Marvel News. That may well mean Marvel is planning to do a promotional push for Captain Marvel around that time, possibly even aligning with the release a second trailer, though this has not been confirmed. Here are some of the best images so far:

Captain Marvel Focus
Captain Marvel Notepad
Captain Marvel Notepad 2
Captain Marvel Image
Captain Marvel Stunning Image

This artwork gives the best look yet at the costume Carol Danvers will wear during her debut in the MCU. The costume is inspired by the Kelly Sue DeConnick and Jamie McKelvie redesign from 2012, which is expected to largely serve as inspiration for Captain Marvel's main look in the movie. Carol Danvers has traditionally worn a sort of traditional spandex superhero suit, but McKelvie opted for a far more practical look, carefully designing it to serve as a homage to Captain Marvel's Air Force backstory.

When Marvel's Joe Quesada got involved with the project, he came up with the idea of a retractable helmet, sketching out how the hair would replace the traditional Kree fin. It was intended as a marker, indicating that matters had escalated. As McKelvie told Newsarama in an interview back in 2012, "When she has it on, you know things are about to get intense." Interestingly, the promotional artwork emphasizes both sides of Captain Marvel's backstory - her cosmic background and her time spent as a member of the US Air Force. It's also worth noting the prominence given to the Kree Star of Hala featured on the costume.

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Source: Captain Marvel NewsNewsarama

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