Captain Marvel Air Force Consultant Mourned After Tragic Training Crash

Filming on Captain Marvel is well underway, but the film's star paused to honor the passing of one of their military consultants. Prepping for Captain Marvel has been a major focus on social media, with fans dissecting everything from Brie Larson's transformation into the character to her teaming up with the military to provide authenticity to Carol's role as a pilot. Larson has worked with a number of consultants, focusing on bringing her best to the character and the story.

The actress has been spotted filming on set and taken several photos with Captain Marvel's consultants. Diving into her training, everyone is excited about bringing the character's story to the big screen at long last. The film's writer has called Carol a "joy to write." Even the writers of Avengers 4 have said writing Carol is "fun." From the film's action-comedy tone to its past setting, there's a lot riding on Captain Marvel. Marvel is very invested in making its first solo female superhero film something very special, which makes the passing of one of its consultants all the more heartbreaking.


ABC News reported that one of the film's consultants was killed in an F-16 crash on Thursday. Major Stephen Del Bagno lent his expertise to Captain Marvel, presumably providing the actress with a pilot's perspective to provide authenticity to the character. Both the pilot's squad and the actress took to social media to honor the major's passing and praise his work on the film.

The touching tribute is clearly a sign of Marvel trying to honor the hard-working men and women of the US Military. Del Bagno's passing has clearly affected the actress, who developed a very real bond with the people working to provide authenticity behind the scenes. While Carol's comic origin begins with a tragic mishap, this tragedy and loss represent the very real danger that the men and women of the US military deal with to keep their country safe. Larson's condolences show that not only has the actress bonded with the film's consultants, but that she's honoring the military bond she'll be portraying on screen.

The film will be returning a number of deceased characters back to the big screen, all of whom are throwing themselves into creating Carol's story with Marvel's characteristic dedication. The Captain Marvel synopsis teases the drama that the characters will bring to the screen, but nothing compares to real-life tragedies and losses.

The actress's touching tribute and the acknowledgment of the studio is a sign that Larson has embodied everything about Carol Danvers' character, including the respect she demonstrates in the comics and beyond for the United States military. Tweets like these draw attention to the nature of the difficult work the men and women of the military and their families who are in mourning. Rest assured that Marvel fans are joining them.


source: ABC NEWS

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