Ms. Marvel Should Debut in a Captain Marvel Movie

Marvel has plans for Kamala Khan, the popular Ms. Marvel - and the studio would be wise to introduce her in a Captain Marvel film. Created in 2013, Kamala Khan remains Marvel's foremost "Legacy Hero," a popular and beloved character. She's an everyman hero in the mold of Peter Parker, a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey with shapeshifting powers. Khan won plaudits as Marvel's first Muslim character to headline her own comic.

Marvel originally intended to pitch Ms. Marvel as a 10-issue limited series, and writer G. Willow Wilson even had a three-issue exit strategy in case the book was canceled due to low numbers of pre-orders. Writing on her personal blog, Wilson admitted she didn't expect the book to succeed. At the time, it was a given that any book featuring a character without a 20-year history would fail.

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But Ms. Marvel found her niche and became something of a cultural icon. In 2015, the Freedom Defense Initiative - an anti-Islamic extremist group - purchased ads to be displayed across San Francisco's buses. In response, street artists defaced the ads with pictures of Kamala Khan, with the hero making statements like, "Free Speech Isn’t a License to Spread Hate." A year later, the Ms. Marvel comic won the prestigious Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics at the Long Beach Comic Expo. And Kamala Khan remains one of Marvel's most popular "Legacy Heroes" to this day, even acting as a leader in The Champions. It seems Marvel Studios has noticed Kamala's success, as Kevin Feige has recently confirmed Marvel Studios has plans for Kamala Khan. Given he announced this while taking interviews about Captain Marvel, it looks as though Kamala could be part of the Captain Marvel franchise - an approach that makes perfect sense.

Kamala Khan is Tied to Captain Marvel

In the comics, Kamala Khan is introduced as a sort of "superhero fangirl," an everyday character who idolizes Carol Danvers. Kamala doesn't know it, but she actually possesses the Inhuman gene, and upon exposure to Terrigenesis gains fantastic shapeshifting powers. Her powerset is pretty entertaining - she can shrink, grow, shapeshift, or stretch. Inspired by Captain Marvel, Kamala took up the codename "Ms. Marvel," and even adopted Carol's old logo in homage to her hero.

The MCU's version of Kamala Khan will have to be slightly different. For one thing, Carol Danvers seems to be skipping the "Ms. Marvel" name altogether, and also seems to be jumping straight to the Hala star as a symbol rather than the lightning bolt. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios is unlikely to introduce Kamala as an Inhuman. The studio passed on the Inhumans concept, allowing Marvel Television to develop it as a less-than-successful TV series. Heavily criticized, Inhumans was canned after one season. There's no way Marvel Studios will want to imply a link to the Inhumans, a troubled idea that's only been developed on the small screen.

Whatever Kamala's MCU origin may turn out to be, though, the core of her relationship to Captain Marvel - a hero worship that gradually becomes tainted by the reality of experience - will no doubt remain. That means Kamala Khan's big-screen debut really has to be in a Captain Marvel film. Given the first Captain Marvel will be set in the '90s, it's more likely she'll appear in the inevitable sequel.

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