Captain Marvel Set in the 1990s; Concept Art Reveals Skrulls & Costume

Marvel reveals that Captain Marvel will be set in the 1990s and feature the Skrulls as villains during their massive SDCC 2017 panel.

Captain Marvel Skrulls

Marvel has revealed new details about the Captain Marvel film, including a 1990s setting, the presence of a pre-eyepatch Nick Fury and villains the Skrulls. There's been a lot of hype for the solo outing for Carol Danvers ever since it was announced in 2014, but as one of the latest films on the MCU's Phase 3 slate (aside from Avengers 4) Marvel's been tight-lipped about what to expect.

We've mainly known those involved - the script is being written by Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve, and last San Diego Comic-Con Brie Larson was finally confirmed as playing Danvers herself. Since then, though all we've had is the appointing on directors - Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck - and rumors of a Nick Fury presence. At SDCC 2017, not only has Samuel L. Jackson's role in the movie been confirmed but a whole lot else besides.

At Marvel Studios' Hall H panel, Kevin Feige revealed that Captain Marvel will be set in the 1990s, seeing a two-eyed Nick Fury, and that Danvers will be showing down against shape-shifting aliens the Skrulls. He also showed off some very exciting pieces of concept art that finally revealed Marvel's costume, the MCU design of the Skrulls and an action shot of the hero against the angry hordes.

Captain Marvel will include Nick Fury with two eyes and feature first MCU appearance of Skrulls.

— Screen Rant (@screenrant) July 23, 2017

Considering that Feige has talked openly about how Marvel has ditched time-jumping stories, the 1990s setting comes as something of a surprise, but a welcome one. It allows Carol Danvers to appear in Avengers: Infinity War fully formed while still providing an origin story - and one in a unique setting at that which will really play up nostalgia. It will also help expand the MCU, giving Nick Fury a proper backstory and showing what the "bigger universe" he was referring to at the end of Iron Man really was. The only worry here is that Marvel's been a little weak on the timeline keeping as of late.

As for the Skrulls, they're a little more expected insofar as they've been the Marvel antagonist fans have most longed to see on screen and fit best in the Cosmic-Earth mash-up of Captain Marvel. This likely means the MCU will be tackling a variation of Secret Invasion, although whether it's in this film or down the line is presently unclear. It definitely opens up the possibility of some characters we've known all along being undercover aliens, a pretty striking twist.

The only reason Skrulls would be unexpected is because they've previously been presumed excluded from the MCU due to rights issues with Fox; as Fantastic Four enemies they reside outside Marvel Studios' remit. However, the situation is actually a case of co-ownership, with Fox seemingly only owning certain characters, so it's likely no contractual changes have been made here.

One thing all this means that at the end of the 2010s we'll be getting two female-led superhero films with recent period settings; Wonder Woman 2 it likely to be set in the 1980s. While this is just a coincidence (like Shazam!, a character once called Captain Marvel, getting his first movie in 2019 like Carol Danvers), it will definitely bring up comparisons between the MCU and the DCEU. Hopefully both movies can stand strongly on their own.

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