Exclusive: Marvel's Evil Space Black Widow is Awesome!

Carol Danvers just wants to find where the little Kree girl Bean is but without Alpha Flight resources or its space station (yeap, they lost another), Captain Marvel finds herself pulled into a mirror universe. We have an exclusive preview of The Mighty Captain Marvel #127 which debuts this week and sees Danvers taking charge of the sketchy Zeta Flight and battling... Star-Lord?

As a quick recap, The Marvel Legacy primer pages brought readers back to Carol Danvers' youth as the mighty Avenger reflects on her origin story. She never felt she fit in as a kid and always wanted to fly, literally, and joined the Air Force. Not long later, in a battle involving Skrulls, the original Captain Marvel, and some alien tech, Danvers found herself with super powers. Many years and a few costume/name changes later, Carol Danvers is an Avenger and leader of Alpha Flight - the cosmic team charged with protecting Earth from extraterrestrial threats.

The end of that Marvel Legacy intro teased a dark version of this Alpha Flight team and so began the current story arc of The Mighty Captain Marvel as part of the Marvel Legacy initiative - where the Marvel Comics returns to original issue numbering schemes and refocuses its stories on its core heroes and connections between them. Called "Dark Origins", the current storyline begins in the aftermath of Secret Empire. Danvers and Alpha Flight lost their space station trying to get to Earth when Captain America was Hydra's boss and are now supposed to be on break until T'Challa/Black Panther can sort out a new plan for Alpha Flight going forward.

Danvers wakes up in orbit around Earth but finds that there's another cloaked space station, but it's not a new Alpha Flight station. It's not even her Earth. She boards the station and meets up with her familiar allies only to realize she, Sasquatch, Puck (who won't go by that name) and the other members she remembered are actually the villains and she helps them thwart off an attack from Black Widow who should be dead. In this universe though, she's a cosmic character who goes by the name "Widower" and leads her own crew of space pilots and thieving spies. Now they have to work together so Danvers can track down the next clue to finding Bean...

Below is the synopsis and exclusive preview pages for The Mighty Captain Marvel #127:

Published: December 27, 2017Rating: Rated T+Writer: Margaret StohlPenciler: Michele BandiniCover Artist: Phil Noto

DARK ORIGIN Part 3! On a distant, bizarre world, you’d think a familiar face would be comforting for CAROL DANVERS…But then again, this PETER QUILL doesn’t seem to be in the friendliest mood! Carol learns the hard way that ZETA FLIGHT may have given her a bad reputation…but how does it even exist?!

Is Star-Lord the leader of the other thieves? Why is Bean older and different now and what does it have to do with this other dimension? Did you notice Star-Lord's Elemental Blasters are now an... Elemental rifle?!

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THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #127 releases December 27, 2017 from Marvel Comics

Sources: CBRMarvel

Update: Article originally posted Dec 22, 2017.

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