'Pandorum' Director To Helm 'Captain Future'

There is one consistent problem with Hollywood these days - besides the onslaught of remakes - and it is the lack of adult-oriented fantasy sagas. There is hope for the genre with Captain Future. The film now has a director in Christian Alvart, who helmed last fall's sci-fi/horror/thriller Pandorum.

My fellow Screen Ranters agree that Pandorum wasn't exactly Alvart's  Raging Bull. The director has been awarded a second chance in the space genre and Quiet Earth recently interviewed him and got quite the scoop:

"We are developing Captain Future as a big fun space opera for the whole family, hoping to recreate that same sense of excitement that I had discovering space through the Captain's eyes. There are many smart and adult ideas in the franchise for grown-ups to enjoy, but this will definitely be something they can take their kids to as well."

Ahhhh, what a relief. It's taken Hollywood way too long to figure out they've got it backwards. Only creating kid-friendly films that adults will somewhat enjoy is specious reasoning. I understand that parents pay for what their kids want to see, but haven't they earned the right to enjoy a family sci-fi picture for adults and about adults?

Says Alvart:

"Like The Fifth Element this will be a big budget Science Fiction movie developed and produced out of Europe with an international cast. Captain Future still has a huge fan base in countries like France, Germany, and the UK."

Christian Alvart Captain Future.jpg

Since it's possible you may have been asking yourself "who the heck is Captain Future," now you know that the character is still a big hit overseas. Considering the international nature of this film, it will be interesting to see how they market it to American audiences. Comparing itself to The Fifth Element is quite a claim, but a great example from which to draw influence.

Captain Future will be an origin story about the titular character from Edmond Hamilton's 1940s comic, a scientist exploring space and battling strange villains. From the look of things, it could turn out to be hilariously campy, but according to Christian Alvart's descriptions, it should be a crowd-pleaser.

Have you heard of Captain Future? Are you excited about this potential international blockbuster?

Source: Quiet Earth

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