Captain Cold Actor is Filming His Final Arrowverse Episodes

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It sounds as if the Arrowverse will be saying a final goodbye to a fan favorite, as Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash star Wentworth Miller has confirmed that he's currently filming his last scenes as Captain Cold.

One of the highlights of the inaugural season of The Flash, Miller's take on Leonard Snart was an instant fan favorite, his hammy, sneering villain striking the perfect balance between bombast and menace. Snart and his partner in crime, Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) were recruited for the first season of the bonkers time travel spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, where Snart became an even more beloved character. Captain Cold met a surprising end, however, when he sacrificed himself to save his team at the end of Legends' first season.

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Through the magic of time travel hijinks, Snart has still been a presence on both Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, though in a greatly reduced capacity. Now it seems that even that is coming to an end. In a post on his personal Instagram (see below), Miller confirms that he's wrapping up work on the character, expressing gratitude to the casts and crews of the various Arrowverse series:

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While certainly disappointing to fans, this is not exactly a shocking development. After playing a crucial role on both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, Snart has essentially been a guest star for the last two seasons. Miller hasn't made his reasons for departing known, but he may have career aspirations beyond the world of superheroes. Still, it's a genuine shame he never got to take on The Flash as the primary villain, as Captain Cold is generally one of Barry Allen's greatest adversaries. Snart's detour into Legends of Tomorrow seemingly delayed that showdown, and it seems it might never happen now.

This is just the latest high profile cast departure from the Arrowverse. Supergirl's Laura Benanti was unable to reprise her role as Alura Zor-El, Kara's Kryptonian mother, and was replaced this season by Smallville veteran Erica Durance in season 3; Arrow's John Barrowman has suggested that his time as Malcolm Meryln has come to an end (though producer Marc Guggenheim says the door is still open); and Martin Stein is leaving Legends of Tomorrow, as actor Victor Garber is set to depart to pursue a run on Broadway. The ongoing, shared universe aspect of The CW's DC TV shows is one of their most attractive qualities, but it also means cast departures like this are simply an unfortunate reality.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues Tuesday, November 7 with “Return of the Mack” on The CW.

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