What Christian Bale Would Look Like as Captain Britain

Captain Britain Marvel Comics

Some new fan art imagines what Christian Bale would look like in the role of Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As long as the MCU moves forward, there will continue to be a need to bring in new characters and actors as those of before are left behind. With so many of Marvel's most popular characters already seeing time on the big screen, Marvel Studios will have to start diving into further obscurity when it comes to picking what characters will join the MCU next.

One of these may just be Captain Britain, especially with Kevin Feige saying they've discussed bringing him into the fold thanks to the high level of interest from actors. Should they choose to bring Captain Britain to the big screen, some new fan art imagines what the suit could look like - and what Christian Bale would look like in the role.

BossLogic is back once again with his signature fan art. Following Feige's comments, the artist experimented with Captain Britain's costume. In order to do this, a base model of an actor was necessary, and the end result is former Batman Christian Bale helping bring the character to life.

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