Remake Of The Week: Captain Blood

Phillip Noyce has begun walking the plank of development on Warner Brothers' remake of the classic 1935 Errol Flynn starrer Captain Blood.

Noyce who is currently developing Edwin A. Salt (which may or may not star Tom Cruise) hasn't come aboard as director yet, but he is eye(patch)ing the director's chair. The original film starred epic swash and buckler Flynn as a  doctor who is sentenced to slavery in the Caribbean, where he befriends and leads a group of Pirates. That version was Oscar nominated and it was captained by Casablanca's Richard Curtiz. Curtiz is a director who racked up over 100 directing credits to his name - a large portion of them classics (just check out his IMDB page!). Noyce may have stormy seas ahead if he plans this remake, but Pirates have been plundering a lot of treasure recently so it isn't that surprising.

No writer is beneath deck and no cast has been captured yet, but it's only a matter of time if this film raises it's flag.

Who would be a good replacement for old Flynn? Christian Bale? Orlando Bloom? I'd like to see Cruise hot off Edwin A. Salt pilot this ship to Box Office glory. Sorry, just trying to get ahead on my Weekend Wrap Ups! :-)

Whoever ends up anchoring this film better be more nautical than nice. Only time will tell. In the meantime I'll leave you with this: Why are Pirates called Pirates? Because they Arrrrrrrrrrrr......

Source: Variety

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