Marvel Wants Narnia Writers For Captain America

Not too long after it was announced that Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer) was going to direct Marvel's Avengers prequel, The First Avenger: Captain America, it looks like Marvel is taking the next logical step: Securing writers to pen the epic origin story of Steve Rogers.

The scribes currently in negotiations with Marvel Studios are none other than Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, both part of the writing team behind The Chronicles of Narnia films.

Is Captain America going to fantasy camp? Or does Marvel know something about these two guys that we have yet to perceive? Let's talk about it!

Okay, so I understand Marvel's choice for Joe Johnston as the director. The man has a long list of films (and f/x work) on his resume that cover all the necessary action/epic/emotional bases needed to make a legendary Captain America film. (I'll be the first to admit I teared up at the end of Hidalgo.)

But Markus and McFeely are left-field choices in my opinion. Granted, The Chronicles of Narnia films also combine a variety of tones and genres into one, epic brew--but both The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Prince Caspian felt as hollow as a bird's bones when I saw them in the theater. (Perhaps the director is to blame?) I do not want Cap to share that fate.

More to the point, The First Avenger: Captain America is a WWII epic/period-piece. And, after having run an IMDB check on both Markus and McFeely, I can say that nothing in their short, short, lists of movies leads me to jump to the conclusion that they have a keen eye for the sort of nuanced symbolism, hard-hitting action, thrills, chills and emotional grandeur that should go with a beloved character like Captain America.

In my view (at this very early stage), the best case scenario is that these two writers deliver one heck of a war/action flick. But can they really establish Cap as a worldwide box office icon? That's a pretty tall order.

Before we all get in a tiff, however, let it be said that while it looks like Markus and McFeely will definitely get the job, at this point they are only officially in negotiations with Marvel. No dotted line has been signed as of yet.

What do you think? I know that many Screen Rant readers had faith in Marvel's choice of Joe Johnston to direct The First Avenger: Captain America. How do you feel about these two potential writers? Sound off and let us know.

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