Captain America's WORST Movie Just Became Marvel Canon

Captain America Worst 1979 Movie

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain America #12

These days Captain America may be one of Marvel's most bankable heroes, but his movie adventures weren't always so impressive. But Marvel Comics isn't just acknowledging the worst movie Steve Rogers has ever been in... they just made it canon.

The millennial Marvel fans don't need to take offense, since it isn't the 1990 Captain America film we're referring to; a film that, while certainly not on par with this century's adaptations, still remained more or less faithful to the comics. No, before Civil War, The Winter Soldier, and The First Avenger, there was the 1979 Captain America TV movie. A film notable as the most ridiculous chapter of Captain America's life--literally, now that it's been confirmed as part of his comic book history.

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For any fans who have never actually witnessed evidence of Captain America (1979), and there are sure to be plenty, its hard to explain how the adaptation tool shape. With Reb Brown in the starring role, the film isn't an attempt to adapt the comics to live action, but use the Captain America character as a new wrapper for the action, attitude, and style popular on television at the time. Which explains the hero's motorcycle-deploying van, his plastic shield tossed lightly at opponents, and of course... his costume. More stuntman than superhero, it's an unforgettable look. Now, in both live action and the Marvel Comics Universe thanks to Captain America #12. Take a look:

Captain America 1979 Movie Costume Canon

The issue gives readers a glimpse into Captain America's armory, in which past uniforms (and shields) are displayed like the historic relics fans know they truly are. And included alongside some of Steve's most notable period costumes is the unmistakable striped jumpsuit and crash helmet worn by Reb Brown in the 1979 TV movie. Which means fans will have no choice but to accept that the adventure Cap would most like to forget is a part of his legacy, both within his comic career and without.

Technically, the timeline and universe in which Captain America (1979) and its sequel, Captain America 2: Death Too Soon (1979) take place has been officially designated Earth-600043. But after this choice inclusion on the prime version of Captain America's reality (officially Earth -616), that may need to be updated. But no matter how writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Adam Kubert may try to explain the ramifications to canon, one thing is clear: fans are going to need to see a flashback to Steve's time in the uniform, sooner rather than later.

Fans can pick up a copy of the issue for themselves to own this monumental moment in Cap's career, but can also read the official solicitation details below:

  • Written by: Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Art by: Adam Kubert
  • Cover by: Alex Ross
  • “CAPTAIN OF NOTHING” CONCLUDES! Captain America is a fugitive! So Captain America must disappear! But that doesn’t mean that Steve Rogers has to give up the fight to prove his innocence and bring the true murderer to justice! It’s time for Cap to try something new!

Captain America #12 is available at your local comic book shop, and direct from Marvel Comics.

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