3 New 'Captain America' TV Spots Show A Hero In Action [Updated]

Captain America the First Avenger TV Spots

[Update: Check Out The New First Avenger International Poster!]

Marvel's promotional campaign for the final superhero flick that will hit theaters this summer, Captain America: The First Avenger, is well underway. Just the other day, the studio released a TV spot teasing the discovery of a frozen Steve Rogers in the present day - an event which ties director Joe Johnston's Cap movie directly to the events that will take place in next year's The Avengers.

Three more TV spots for Captain America have been unveiled, offering a taste of what the period flick (and, in turn, Chris Evans' version of the character) has to offer on the action side of things.

Captain America co-writer Stephen McFeely previously discussed how the receptivity of moviegoers to the WWII aspects of the film will definitely influence the structure of the sequel - with regards to how much it will take place in either a modern-day setting or flashback to events during the early 1940s.

Hence why the action-oriented Captain America footage unveiled so far ought to be scrutinized, since we could be getting a whole lot more (or less) of it in the followup. So far, footage of Steve Rogers as he participates in old-fashioned motorcycle chases, swings his way onto moving trains, punches his way into underwater submarines, or chucks his iconic shield at opponents (including the camera, it seems), makes Johnston's film look like a nice mix of period-oriented thrills and sci-fi effects.

For more of that, check out these three new Captain America TV spots below:


Update: Now Check out the explosive international poster for The First Avenger, courtesy of Coming Soon:

the international poster for captain america the first avenger


One concern for Captain America at this point is that general moviegoers might be suffering from superhero fatigue - and even though The First Avenger could end up being the best comic book adventure of the summer, its box office receipts might not reflect that.

On the other hand, the different time period and stylistic design of Captain America should help to distinguish it from, say, the CGI-heavy Green Lantern or the contemporary-set Thor. So perhaps the Raiders of the Lost Ark-inspired atmosphere of this new Marvel production will work to attract others besides those who are longtime fans of Cap.

For more on Captain America, be sure to check out the following:


Captain America: The First Avenger arrives in U.S. theaters on July 22nd, 2011.

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