Marvel's Captain America: Steve Rogers Launches on Free Comic Book Day

Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 - 2016 Marvel Comics

It was recently announced that Steve Rogers would be returning to the role of Captain America later this year in Marvel Comics' All-New, All-Different modern universe (post-Secret Wars). Marvel readers knew that it was coming eventually, since no one stays dead or de-powered for too long in the comics.

Following the reveal, which explains Marvel Comics' "Dead No More" marketing teasers last week, Marvel has also announced when we can expect to see the original Cap back in his own book. Following the events of "Standoff," fans can get their first taste of the new adventures of Steve Rogers as Captain America on Free Comic Book Day in FCBD Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

Steve Rogers lost his youth and strength in 2014 while fighting an enemy known as Iron Nail; the loss occurred when he had to stop an explosion of a nuclear reactor and the radiation overdose neutralized the super-soldier serum in his blood. Roger's loyal ally, Sam Wilson a.k.a. The Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie in MCU) took over the role of Captain America while Rogers stepped into a leadership and logistics role to better coordinate the Avengers' activities. Rogers continued to serve in that capacity in the lead-up to Secret Wars event where he aided in tracking Reed Richards and his rogue New Avengers/Illuminati team.

FCBD Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 will also help to set up the "Dead No More" event later this year with a second story that begins revealing some of the event's secrets. While Marvel is still releasing teasers for the event, it asks "If you got a chance to bring back someone who died, would you?" This suggests that lost heroes (and possibly supporting characters) might return to the new Marvel universe and that the event will center around the implications of this. While the obvious choice would be high-profile characters like Wolverine, it's also possible that we could also see twists on the theme such as the return of Ben Parker (which would certainly shake things up in Spider-Man's world.)

Captain America 3: Civil War Concept Art

The upcoming "Standoff" event is part of Marvel's celebration of Captain America's 75th anniversary, so it makes sense that Steve Rogers would return to the spotlight. It also serves as part of the lead-up to both this summer's Captain America: Civil War film and Marvel's "Civil War II" comics event.

This doesn't mean that the current Captain America is taking a back seat, of course; some of the promo art for "Civil War II" still depicts Sam Wilson as Captain America, so there will be two Caps for at least a little while. It's possible that Wilson could revert to his Falcon identity instead of staying on as another Captain America permanently. Just like Steve Rogers' return, it's one of those things that comic fans knew was going to happen eventually.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (2016) Cover
Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (2016) Cover

FCBD Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 will be available in participating comic shops for free on May 7, 2016. Marvel is also offering FCBD Civil War II #1 as a free offering to fans.

Source: Marvel Comics

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