Marvel To Unveil Huge Captain America Statue at SDCC For 75th Anniversary

Captain America 4

Along with Iron Man, Captain America is perhaps the most prominent member of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with three movies named after him (including this year's Captain America: Civil War), key roles in both Avengers movies, and a (sort of) cameo appearance in Thor: The Dark World. As a certified member of comic book royalty, it's only fitting that Cap should have a major presence at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

It has now been announced that SDCC 2016 will feature a 13-foot bronze statue of Captain America, towering over thousands of fans and most other exhibits. Fans who want replicas should keep their eye on Comicave Studios, which co-designed the statue with uncredited Marvel artists. Comicave intends to sell 750 12-inch bronze replicas and 100-made-to-order 35-inch pewter ones. The statue also has an engraved message that might surprise some longtime fans of the character (no, not "Hail Hydra").

As reported by USA Today, the statue will make other appearances across America - advertised through Marvel's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts  - before reaching its ultimate destination in Brooklyn, where it will stand in Prospect Park after a dedication ceremony on August 10. The sketch for the statue includes the words "Hometown Pride" and the quote "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn," as well as the more expected "CAPTAIN AMERICA," "Est. 1941" and "Celebrating 75 Heroic Years."

Captain America statue sketch

Steve Rogers has always been a proud Brooklynite. Prior to taking up the mantle of Captain America, the character lived and worked as a commercial artist in the borough, just as his first artist and co-creator, Jack Kirby, did while drawing his first adventures. The quote "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn" comes from the first Chris Evans Captain America movies, which also informs the statue's costume design. Captain America's New York City roots also supplied one of Captain America: Civil War's more amusing moments, in which Steve bonds with Spider-Man mid-battle over their shared hometown.

Collectible comics-inspired statues number in the hundreds, but large commemorative statues like this are rare, and those which do exist also tend to have some kind of local connection. A 15-foot bronze Superman statue stands in Metropolis, Illinois - which doesn't really look that the Metropolis of the comic books, but has been using that fictional city of the same name to juice up its tourism for decades. There are also a handful of oversized bronze Peanuts statues in Charles Schulz's hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

San Diego Comic Con, the first chance to see the statue, is from July 21-July 24, with a July 20 preview night. The statue will be viewable in Brooklyn's Prospect Park after August 10.

Source: USA Today

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