Disney Planning VR Captain America Shield Toss Attraction

Captain America Chris Evans

New reports floating around the internet suggest that Disney is currently putting together a Captain America-themed attraction where visitors can get their hands on the Avenger's iconic shield and even toss it around like the super soldier does in the movies. The immense popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been spilling on toys and other merchandises, with companies continuously making action figures and other collectors' items based on the property. But instead of just collectibles, Disney is actually giving fans the opportunity to know what it feels like every single time Steve Rogers launches his vibranium-made weapon on villains and bad guys.

Over the course of Chris Evans' stint as the super soldier, the character has become a B-list superhero in the comic books to one of the most popular game players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that it's not a surprise that Disney is looking to put him at the forefront of a new attraction. Cap's co-Avengers (or not given the events of Captain America: Civil War) Iron Man, has his own attraction called Iron Man Experience in Disneyland Hongkong which allows visitors to explore Tony Stark's slew of newest invention and experience taking flight in the red and gold armor using 3D glasses. The Guardians of the Galaxy has also recently unveiled their own Disney attraction called the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! ride. It opened at Disney California Adventure in late May and has become one of the go-to features in the amusement park.

The idea that Disney is cooking a Captain America-themed attraction comes from a patent for a ride featuring a physical rail that would be attached to the guest’s forearm plus a physical shield that slides along the railing. When one attempts to throw the shield, it would slide to the end of the rail triggering motion sensor that would then emit a virtual reality graphic showing the trajectory of the launched shield:

"One embodiment described herein is a method that includes detecting a throwing action causing a physical projectile to move along a rail on an apparatus. In response to determining the physical projectile reaches a predefined position on the rail, the method includes emitting a signal from the apparatus indicating a virtual path in free space of a virtual object launched by the throwing action, wherein the virtual object represents the physical projectile."

Chris Evans as Captain America MCU

Basing from the description, it seems that Disney is incorporating both tangible props and virtual reality technology to make the attraction work. It even provides details on the supposed kinetic feedback that a player would physically feel when the shield boomerangs back to his arm presumably just how it would be when Cap's actual shield is recalled and strapped back in.

While we still do not know the context of the aforementioned mechanism, Disney can come up with a similar approach to Disney’s Toy Story Mania where a 3D-glasses-wearing rider can shoot compter-generated darts and rings on enemies while the ride goes on various storytelling points related to the main subject featured.

At this point, the patent application can either be denied or approved which means that this concept mechanism could soon be fleshed out in Disney theme parks. However, this only goes to show how much Disney wants to capitalize on the very popular Marvel property like Captain America that we may eventually have an entire Disneyland section dedicated to all things Marvel much like what Universal Studios has done with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Source: Fresh Patents

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