15It is (most likely) made of stolen vibranium

The vibranium that is found within the shield is a material that many believe was ravaged from Black Panther’s home in Wakanda.

Cap’s shield is famously made up of Steel alloy, an unknown second element, and vibranium.

Of course there are various theories that could reject this. One such theory is that it coooould have been sourced from the 10,000 year-old vibranium meteorite that crash landed in Antarctica.

It could also be that Myron

MacLain, the shield’s creator, simply bought the substance from T’Chaka himself. T’Chaka was known to have sold small chunks of vibranium in a bid to fund his country.

However, the shield we know and love was most likely built using vibranium from Wakanda. Whether this was stolen or purchased, we may never know, but it adds another layer of mystery to the shield.

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