Here’s Captain America’s Secret Phone Number From Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War lingered for quite some time on an image of Steve Roger's phone number. It turns out there was a very good reason; this was intended to be another easter egg.

Marvel has a well-deserved reputation for putting as many easter eggs as possible into their movies. In the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, although the film was released back in 2014, there's still one last easter egg out there that fans haven't found, and director James Gunn seems to quite enjoy teasing fans about that very fact. There's one particular scene in Infinity War that feels like an easter egg but strangely isn't; it's the amount of time the camera spends lingering on Steve Rogers' phone number.

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At the end of Captain America: Civil War, Rogers sent Tony Stark a flip-phone with a number on it to contact him. There's actually a scene in Avengers: Infinity War where the camera focuses in on the number, and stayed there long enough for some alert viewers to jot it down. The number in question was (678) 136-7092. Appropriately enough, that number carries a north Atlanta area code, which is just where the bulk of Infinity War was filmed.

Captain America in Civil War and Tony Stark in Infinity War

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Joe Russo revealed that Marvel actually intended to have the number work. "We actually had intended to create a fake voicemail from Steve Rogers," he explained. "For the people that left the theater and called that number, they would get a voicemail from Steve Rogers." Unfortunately, Marvel's legal department nixed the idea, for reasons the Russos didn't specify. As a result, any viewers who tried dialing that number found it doesn't exist. It's a shame, as this would have been a wonderfully immersive easter egg.

Those specific scenes are filled with real humor in any case; there's more than a little irony to the fact Tony Stark has presumably been carrying such a low-tech phone around with him for the last two years. It's unclear quite why Stark didn't just save the number to another phone. Perhaps he liked the idea that Steve could actually reach him on that burner phone, too, if he ever needed to? If so, that little detail may well cast a new light on the complex and troubled friendship between the two Avengers. Sure, they wound up fighting at the end of Civil War, and there may be a lot of unresolved issues between the two of them, but they're still willing to be there for one another.

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Source: The Huffington Post

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