Peggy Carter Becomes Captain America In Marvel What If? First Image

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) becomes Captain America - or what looks like Captain Britain - in Marvel's What If...? first look image from D23 Expo 2019. Officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, What If...? is an animated TV show coming from Marvel Studios that will tie directly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The TV series was first reported in March, then confirmed by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige during Disney's Investor Day in April.

Based on the What If Marvel comics, the TV show will take one aspect of each MCU movie and ask, "What if...?" For instance, Feige confirmed what the series premiere will be about at Disney's Investor Day earlier this year; it will ask, "What if Peggy Carter became Captain America?" The story premise puts a new spin on the superhero's origin story as told in Captain America: The First Avenger, where Atwell originated the role of Peggy Carter in live-action. At well, along with a number of other MCU movie actors will reprise their roles for What If...? when the show premieres in Summer 2021.

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Now, during the Disney+ panel at D23 2019, Feige took the stage along with Atwell and the show's head writer Ashley Bradley and director Bryan Andrews. Together, they revealed the first image from What If...?, which depicts what Peggy Carter will look like as Captain America, though she's sporting the Union Jack instead of the typical stars and stripes, which makes sense since she hails from England, not America. See the photo, posted by Ryan Penagos, below.

As seen in the image and tweet, Peggy's version of Captain America won't quite be a simple gender-swapped take on the Star-Spangled Man. In fact, she looks more like a version of Captain Britain, another Marvel Comics superhero. Fans have long wondered whether Marvel would ever introduce Captain Britain in the MCU, but it appears this What If...? version of Peggy Carter may be as close as the studio gets. But with that said, it's not clear yet what exactly Peggy's superhero name will be. Penagos refers to her as Captain Carter, which may be her title, since she's not quite Captain America and they may be avoiding using the Captain Britain name entirely.

Still, this image of Peggy Carter suited up as a superhero will no doubt please fans excited about the What If...? TV show. Though some may be disappointed we won't get to see Peggy Carter as Captain America in live-action, it'll still be fascinating to see what Bradley and her team of writers come up with as alternate takes on the various MCU movies. What will become of Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk? Or the rest of the MCU? These are tantalizing questions fans have been pondering since the MCU launched in 2008 and we'll get to see some of them play out when What If...? premieres in Summer 2021.

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Source: Ryan Penagos/Twitter

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