Captain America Just Got a Brand NEW Superpower

Warning: SPOILERS for Invaders #10

Captain America has just been given a brand new superpower to help him take on his old friend, Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Steve was once aligned with Namor, but lately things in their Invaders relationship have been rocky. Readers of Avengers know that the King of Atlantis is continuously attacking the surface world because he feels threatened. Namor has recently upped his game with a chemical weapon that turns humans into water-breathers. So with no other option in sight, Captain America and Bucky Barnes just used it on themselves!

Black Panther has been working hard to reverse the effect of the chemical, but to no avail. In order to confront Namor about his attacks, Captain America sees no other way out of this mess. So Steve and Bucky now have the ability to breathe underwater--but Bucky is at a disadvantage. Since the plan is to go undercover, and he has a metal arm with a giant red star on it... he needs to go in one-handed. Literally.

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Invaders follows the World War II era fighting team made up of Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Namor, and the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. The comic has been flashing back to a time when they were all on the same side. There is a real bond between these men, and Cap and Bucky are hoping that will help them negotiate with Namor (have they... met Namor?).

Steve makes it past the Atlantean guards, but trouble finds him long after their mission is actually finished. Once Captain America makes it out of the water, he realizes his ability to breathe air has been compromised. Cap seriously struggles to catch his breath, only being able to function once he installs a mask filled with water onto his helmet. For obvious reasons, Steve doesn't want to get used to only breathing water if he can help it. After all, he's one of Marvel's strongest superheroes thanks to his ability to live on the mainland.

To make the twist even stranger, his new superpower is lost when he's struck by some kind of cure at issue's end... and he's not the only one, either. Namor is doused too, which means even he loses his water-breathing ability--making him a pure blood human. Did we mention they are now marooned on an island all alone together? What will the future hold for Captain America's fearsome frenemy? Find out when Invaders #11 hits shelves on November 13th!

  • INVADERS #10
  • Written by: Chip Zdarsky
  • Art by: Butch Guice, Carlos Magno
  • Cover Art by: Butch Guice
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA and WINTER SOLDIER have sacrificed EVERYTHING to find the GENUS FORMULA, but can they overcome both ROXXON and NAMOR? And after a major betrayal, who’s side is NAMOR even on as DOOMSDAY approaches? DEAD IN THE WATER continues here!

Invaders #10 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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