How Captain America 2 & 3 Teased Moon Knight In The MCU

Moon Knight has been teased to exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by two Captain America movies. Marc Spector, the schizophrenic Marvel anti-hero known as Moon Knight, has long been near the top of characters that fans want to be introduced on the big screen. And, while he has not yet made his MCU debut, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War may have helped lay the foundation.

First up, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier there's is a brief moment of dialogue by Agent Jasper Sitwell that may have started to pave the way for Moon Knight. After Sitwell is dropped off a building and rescued by Falcon, he begins to explain Project Insight and the algorithm that Arnim Zola created to determine future threats to Hydra. During this explanation, Sitwell mentions the likes of Bruce Banner and Stephen Strange (which was before a solo movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch had been announced) as people that would be identified as threats. But, included in this list is a vague description of a TV anchor in Cairo, Egypt.

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The Egypt connections then continued in Captain America: Civil War in a more subtle way. When Secretary Thunderbolt Ross shows the Avengers the catastrophes they are partially responsible for, he has a map full of global incidents. Most of the markings can be attributed to known events in the MCU like Sokovia, the Battle of New York, and Hulk's rampage in Brazil, but there's a few that aren't clear. The locations of these events appear to be Russia, China, Australia, and... Egypt. Could it be that the TV anchor identified by Project Insight as a threat actually is none other than Marc Spector and this Egypt incident is connected to his vigilante activities?

Although there is no hard evidence that confirms that these two Egyptian ties to the MCU are connected to Moon Knight, it is the most likely solution, especially given the repetition and who's planted them. Both of the Captain America films in question were directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Markus previously shared his hope that someone will make "a really good Moon Knight movie" in the future on Fatman on Batman that balances his cheesy history with his updated style. Since he is a big fan of the character, it is conceivable that he, McFeely, and the Russos worked in some possible Easter eggs in their MCU work. These two Captain America films also helped introduce characters like Falcon and Spider-Man, so it wouldn't be too surprising if Moon Knight was being subtly set up as well.

Moon Knight is also a character that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has become increasingly more interested in bringing to the screen. He confirmed last year that Moon Knight is among the characters they are considering using, but is not sure when exactly it will happen. James Gunn even pitched his idea for a movie years ago but it never happened. If these teases are in fact for Marc Spector, then hopefully something happens sooner than later.

And, even if the Captain America Egypt references were not originally for Moon Knight, Marvel could easily retcon them to be so, similar to Peter Parker's debut in Iron Man 2. All it would take is for one of Marc Spector's identities to be the TV anchor in Cairo, while the instance identified by Ross could be from one of his earlier adventures as a protector. Only time will tell whether or not these teases pay off, but we can only hope they do so and Moon Knight makes his way into the MCU before too long.

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